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stop giving so many ads, some people don’t want to or cant get premium and we don’t want a million ads every second.

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I know your pain.

I used Free for a while to see it myself and they did give me many ads (even banner ads whole screen or video ads same).

I've got after month of cancelation date offer 1 mo for 3 mo and got it.

Walked a good walk near my house and collected some bottles for 11 euros at once. Then again and again.

Paid for Premium to the rest of the year with bottles someone threw when walking and drinks.

Yesterday it was lots and lots of bottles on the local beaches.

Deposited them all, bought movie rentals for €15 and €10 for a Spotify card.

Yet another free month of Spotify thanks to people throwing bottles.

You just deposit bottles and never have ads on Premium.

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