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anyone know how to fix this.


anyone know how to fix this.

everytime i try and play a song through the app on my pc it says "Spotify cant play this right now. if you have the files on your computer you can import it."

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Hi @Cherry9


A couple of things could cause this problem. Please be sure you don't have a VPN enabled, and that your firewall is not blocking Spotify. If it was working fine before, these likely aren't the problem.


(The following instructions are for both Windows 10 and 11.)

First, try resetting your volume mixer.

In the taskbar, right-click on your sound icon, and click on Sound settings



Then, scroll down and click on Volume mixer



Next, scroll to the bottom of the Volume mixer and click the Reset button



Hopefully, now your Spotify will start working.


If this doesn't help, let me know 🙂





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Hi, my spotify says the same, is very frustrating 😥. Could you please share the instructions to Mac? I dont know what can I do 

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