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FAQ: Spotify for Windows 10 app

FAQ: Spotify for Windows 10 app

Hey folks, we've outlined some of the common questions you might have about the Windows 10 app now available. 


Please post in this board if you have any other questions.


Q: Why can’t I see Spotify in the Windows 10 store?

A: Spotify for Windows store only works on Windows 10 version “Redstone 1” and “Redstone 2”,that were released in April 2017 and later versions. If you have a earlier Windows 10 version you need to download Spotify from


Q: How do i know if I have Windows 10 Creators Update (aka RS2, aka “Windows 10.2”) or RS1.

A. To check your Windows version do this:

        1. Open Settings.
        2. Click on System.
        3. Click on About.
        4. Once you’re in the About page, under “OS Build”, the number should be 10.0.14393 or “version 1607” or greater.
        5. You may also be in a country where Spotify isn’t yet available. Please see this list for Spotify availability

Q: What if I already have Spotify installed? Will I have two Spotify applications on my computer? Will I have to login again?

A: The Windows store Spotify application can be installed even though the old client is installed. Your login, settings and downloaded music files will be migrated to the new Windows store app while the old client is uninstalled.


Q: Spotify is now available for Windows 10 both as a download from and from the Windows 10 store. Which is best?

A: Both apps are now available. For now, there is no difference in the feature set between the two applications. Later versions of the Windows Store application may introduce new features that are unique to Windows 10.


Q: I would like to go back to the Win32 application again, but I have installed the Windows store app.

A: To do this, you need to manually un-install the Windows store version before you install the classic Win32 application. You will then need to login again. Please note  any local music files will need to be downloaded again.


Q: When I press the upper right close button Spotify quits and stops playing--I'd like to just minimize the app?

A: Go to Edit > Preferences > ”Show advanced Settings” and select “Close button should minimize Spotify to the tray”  and select “ON”.

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