music for camping and hiking


music for camping and hiking


lots of good vibes!! i’m working on this playlist for an upcoming road trip/camping trip that i’m taking to colorado. it’s gonna be updated frequently because it’s a long drive from where i live! give it a like and drop your playlist 🌞🏜

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Hey, Emily


That's not really my style of music, and this may not be your style, but since you're going on a camping trip, I thought I'd share this playlist with you that's for sitting around a campfire.

I made it for some when some friends came over to hang out around a bonfire, but I didn't mess with it that much. It's pretty short, but it seems like the right feel for it.


If it's not your style, that's totally understandable. I won't be offended.

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Hey! I love hiking/camping/being outside in general and here is a playlist I made of a bunch of songs that are great to hike to. These songs sound awesome when they are played outside!