[Android][Connect] Add Connect support to Spotify Kids app

I've just signed up for the 3 month free trial of Premium Family as Google are moving everyone from Play Music to Youtube Music which doesn't work with child accounts. However there's seemingly no way to cast music to a chromecast or other device from the Spotify Kids app which is something of a deal breaker. Please add Chromecast streaming support to Spotify Kids on Android!

Updated on 2021-03-23

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I'd like to second this, including the deal-breaker part.


To me, another aspect is even more important than casting: at the moment, the kids can't ask the Google Assistant in the smart speaker to play their personal playlists. They can only play my playlists, which is uncomfortable enough; even worse, everything they play ends up in my history and favorites, and you can guess what my weekly mix looks like after that.


I'm adding a +2 for my fiance and I. I'm tired of my release radar being half full of lullabies and having to give away access to my account for an hour at bedtime. 


This needs to be fixed ASAP. Note that Google has abandoned all their Google music families, Spotify needs to pick up the pieces and do it right. I switched, made accounts for my family, only to learn it's almost worse than youtube music (if possible) for families with young kids who play kids music all day on their smart speakers. Who is taking my money? Hopefully it's Spotify...




Spotify already have the coding, it's in the main app so it shouldn't be difficult, they should have done it to start with.

Casual Listener

I also have two kids (5 and 7) who interact with Google Home devices throughout our house. We felt the older kid was ready for a (managed) Google account and his own Spotify Kids (we have Spotify Family Premium). Google Home now recognizes his voice, but no luck connecting that with Spotify Kids!


The biggest problem: If I'm listening to music while they're awake they invariably stop my music by asking Google to play their music on another speaker wherever they're playing. We can't use my Spotify profile on two devices at the same time, and Spotify Kids doesn't connect to Google Home.


This is awful! I end up listening to podcasts (not on Spotify) so they can listen to music without interrupting me. Which begs the question: why bother subscribing to Premium Family at all if we effectively can only use it collectively on the adult account?


It does bug me that the kids' content affects my preferences (A LOT, since they're the primary listeners, for the above reasons). But it's way worse that I literally CAN'T USE my account while they're awake.


I am still waiting. It is so easy to implement by Devs this would likely be a decision to delay based on a business decision.


I am casting my screen to the speaker which works for now but is grossly inefficient. 


I just got the family premium because I 100% believed that spotify kids would have the ability to connect to the google home device!!

Honestly, I'm gobsmacked that this isn't already part of the app.

The connectivity is in the spotify app, it should be a simple fix.


Get onto it spotify this NEEDS to be fixed. 


Guys, we need to all like all these comments to put it on Spofitys to do list. Thanks


This needs to be implemented. My kid is already used to asking the Google Home to play music. He’s confused he can’t play to the Google Home from Spotify Kids.

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