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Dividers/Sections for Playlists

(People have talked about this idea before, but I feel like it needs a more clear and detailed post.)


I have some playlists that are meticulously custom-ordered and divided into sections.


Here's an example where I had to write about the sections in the tiny description:


If I could simply use dividers, my life would be so much easier.


Imagine: You can right click on a song in your playlist to add a divider above or below. Each divider can have a custom title that's always visible, and a custom description in a dropdown or a window that opens when the divider is clicked on. Dividers can also be dragged around, and there'd be a menu where you could reorder sections, which would conveniently move the section's songs as well.


It'd also be cool if you could right-click on a song in your playlist and choose a section for it to be moved to instead of having to drag stuff around on fat playlists.


I could die happy if this was ever made a feature so please 🥺