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Remove from "Your shows"

I enjoy using Spotify for podcasts. Once, on a whim, I listened to a small portion of one episode of a new podcast that, in my estimation, had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Now, there is no way to remove that podcast from the "Your shows" section of the mobile app, desktop app, nor web app. It appears every time, often ahead of the shows I actually listen to. I've mis-clicked on it several times, which is quite annoying. Sometimes it autoplays after an episode of a show I like, which is exceptionally annoying. Having no way to remove it, "un-like" it, or any other customization is frustrating enough that I'm seriously considering switching to another service. Let me remove the things I don't like.


100% agree, I have done the same thing while "sampling" episodes that turns out I don't like only to have it show up on suggested listening, let me remove it and customize my listening.


Even finishing an episode, I want it removed from my 'Your Episodes' so I don't have to scroll through everything I've saved to that 'playlist'. The feature WAS there, no clue why it was removed. Please put it back, it's something we were paying for as far as I'm concerned.