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[Social] Bring back Inbox/Messaging with Notifications

Status: Case Closed

The Inbox/Messaging feature did not get a real shot at even being a feature because Spotify took away notifications for new messages. Give Inbox/Messaging some development so users can continue to privately share songs.

Hey folks, we've come back to update this idea status as 'Case Closed'. The inbox feature was recently deprecated within the Spotify app, a necessary but difficult decision that we made after a lot of careful consideration. This feature had extremely low engagement with users and it took a lot of manpower to keep it going. 

It's still easy to share and chat about music from your Spotify. Check out this FAQ about Sharing Music. We're also currently working on new and improved ways to share music and will take this as feedback into the process. So look out for improvements on our Spotify News blog.
Thanks everyone.

I second this idea whole heartedly. It is a hassle to either put a playlist together to share with an individual, or the other option to share it to all your followers and hope the one individual you want to see it views it on their desktop. I think its silly you can still do that from your phone but not a desktop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this feature back (along with the inbox feature).


I came to this website specifically to second this message. Messages were one of my top reasons for using spotify over other services, as it adds to the unique social aspect to Spotify. I can no longer even view old messages, and I had a considerable amount of music that was stored in messages that I can no longer access. I do not ever want to post spotify to social media. Almost every instance of me sharing music will be personal for an audience of one person, I do not like the idea that my sharing has to go to social media. Forcing me to use third parties is highly inconvenient, and I don't understand why you would remove such a useful and intuitive feature. Please bring it back soon, I honestly will have to start taking a look at different streaming services now. I love spotify as a service, but it baffles me that as you upgrade you start losing the useful and special features, it feels more like downgrading.


I came here for the same reason as @kingminivan.  I am so close to cancelling this service.  Direct messaging was already a feature, which I used for years.


If this was only the first ridiculous "upgrade" I've had to deal with. You guys are free to jack up what you've built, and I'm free to look eslewhere for this service if you insist.


I agree entirely, removing private messages from Spotify is a huge invonvenience. Like others, I liked the ability to share within the app rather than texts. It was much cleaner and easier to track, but it didn't ever give notifications which was a huge let down on the developers part. Had it brought notifications up, I bet the messaging feature would have been utilized much more.


I don't know when "updates" became a synonym with "downgrade" but I don't like it. Why get rid of useful features?


Please bring it back!

Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2017-02-28

Marked as new idea.


100% agreed! When I logged into Spotify this morning, I went to go share a song as I always do and was unable to. My message inbox had also disappeared so I reached out to the support team and they said I was a part of a test and that these features were being taken away for now. As an avid Spotify user, this feature is/was one of the things I loved most about Spotify and the reason I use it over other platforms. I think it's a huge mistake and hope that it comes back or I will most likely end my subscribtion. 


This is complete BS!!!! This is one of my favorites feature and similar to everyone on this forum, why I have chosen Spotify over other competitors in the space. BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE on Spotify's end and if this feature goes away, I will likely leave Spotify.


I was devastated to find the inbox function gone. What a joke. This is what i use the most and is actually what helped me get friends to start using Spotify. Id hear all this new music and to be able to share with a friend was so great. Especially when trying to collaborate on say a short film hearing a song and being able to send an write a message abou how that song could be used. Plus- biggest thing is that its promoting the artists. Without sharing theyd be out of the job! Bring it back!


I have also shared this link on my facebook wall to hopefully get other users to vote. #upgradefail


Hi Spotify and the greater user community.


I wanted to talk a little bit about my gripe with the discontinuation of Spotify's messaging and sharing functionality in the hopes Spotify (the entity) learns from their mistake and takes some measures to rectify what I believe is a major disservice to their users.


To start, I understand Spotify withholds the right to follow or alter their agreements to users based on any or no reason they see fit (see Section 2 of the Terms and Conditions).

However, this important piece extracted from the document should be highlighted, "When we make material changes to the Agreements, we’ll provide you with prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances, e.g., by displaying a prominent notice within the Service or by sending you an email."  


In the case of this discontinuation of service and the complete discarding of the sharing, inbox, and messaging functionality there was no formal notice to any of the millions of paid premium subscribers.  Had Spotify notified their users of this decision to discontinue their service, which I greatly valued and relied upon, they would both be following their agreements to users and giving valued customers the basic decency of making information public and transparent.  This doing away with messaging came with no warning or explanation, and many users are unhappy about the approach Spotify took:


On both the Spotify Community boards and the Spotify Cares Twitter Support account I have asked for answers to the questions: (1) why would you violate the agreements to users and not notify us about this change and (2) what can be done to recover the messages which you completely wiped out from my account.  I will continue to scour the Terms and Conditions to find out what I am entitled to with regards to content I have posted and would like to retain.  If anyone reading this has a better sense for Spotify's legal policy and what measures can be taken to recover this information it would be greatly appreciated.


Please comment and let me know your thoughts, especially if you think this service was valuable and that the approach Spotify took to sneakily remove it without warning was unethical according to their agreements with users.  I would like to reiterate that I understand Spotify made a value judgement based on their own usage and analytics.  My only hope was that they would give their users the benefit of the doubt to gauge their reactions and understand how they (I) felt before making major functionality changes.


Thanks all who contribute and make your voice heard!