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[Subscription] Military / Forces Discount

Spotify currently offer students a 50% discount, yet no forces discount. Spotify should introduce a forces discount for current serving members of the armed forces. 

Updated on 2023-07-06

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We've discussed this idea and while it is interesting, we aren't able to prioritize it and don't have any immediate plans to implement this. We will let you know if this changes in the future.


If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


Cut your price in half for 30 days and see what happens. You will likely quadruple your membership starting with me.


I currently recieve the Spotify student discount. If Spotify will not at least give our troops and veterens the same discount then mabye I need to take my money and send it somewhere else.



I am a disabled veteran and music therapy is part of my treatment. It helps to take my mind off of things that otherwise would hinder me from my life. The fact that students are the only ones who receive a discount is disheartening to me. I'm proud that kids are getting an education, but without the sacrifices of so many, there would be no freedom to study, learn, and live as well as we do as Americans. Please add a military discount. Active, Guard, Reservists, and Veterans all deserve it!
@brehmytrey Thanks. I feel like that needs to be said on every social media site. Being one who has deployed overseas, it does in fact mean something to us Combat Veterans that some people really do notice us. As I said above, being deployed without a liable music source to relax to during down time can suck. Everyone loves music. You love music. I love music. Music fuels my workouts. Music fueled my days deployed. Why should we pay. Why should I pay.

Ths is a must, make it happen, spotify.

Kids, students get it so must our military.

@BradWray wrote:

Spotify currently offer students a 50% discount, yet no forces discount. Spotify should introduce a forces discount for current serving members of the armed forces. 


Considering my brothers and sisters give up everything some their lives for company's like this To exist yet spotify thinks that greedy collage kids deserve discounts? They have plenty of money I think they will be fine without 50 pecent off. Wake up .

When I emailed Spotify's customer service page last fall I was saddened to discover that there was no discount for active duty military.  I think they might find that a lot of military members use your service on the job, while deployed, and while keeping fit for their military service.  I think offering a military discount, and using the same or similar verification as used for student user discounts would be extremely beneficial to our military members! I know that personally as a student in Flight School for the US Air Force, I use spotify a lot when studying, and would really appreciat a discount if it existed! Thank you, and God Bless!

I can see why you have a students discount but it makes sense to have one for the military community As well maybe extend it to police and firefighters too.

This should happen ASAP, not only you would be supporting the country via its servicemembers, but also just imagine the number of people that are serving that could advocate for your company! This should be a no-brainer.



Nearly 2 years later and in the name of memorial weekend, this needs to be addressed. In most places where there is a student discount, there is a military discount and our armed forces risk their lives to not only protect our country, but to support others in need all the time as well. However, the average armed forces pay is incredibly low. It's only right that this happens. Please make it so immediately.