Artists Wanted No 1: Meet winner Nel Aique

Artists Wanted No 1: Meet winner Nel Aique

Spotify Star
Spotify Star

December last year marked the beginning of Artists Wanted - Share Your talent with the Community, a project that called artists to submit their song to a little competition.  The first edition of this project received multiple great songs (which you can see here) from a number of new upcoming artists, and after the Community cast their votes, the winner was revealed!

So, one more time: Congratulations to Nel Aique, the Spanish composer and pianist whose song "Looking Forward" won the most hearts and votes!
You can listen to his lovely gentle piano piece below:


I also had the pleasure to ask the winner a few questions to learn more about him, looking into the past, present and the future of his career. You can read our conversation below!



You create beautiful calm pieces with the piano. How did you first discover this instrument?

When I was a boy my mother worked in a great house having a beautiful piano and since then it was a dream of mine to play it but In those days my family couldn't afford a piano. When I was young I studied computer science and my life went in another direction. Five years ago I left one of my jobs to have more free time and I got my opportunity to return to my old dream and to start studying piano. I haven't stopped until today, the more I learn the more I want to know. 


The song you submitted is gorgeous! Could you tell us what inspired you to create this particular piece?

'Looking Forward' is a positive and energetic song that I wrote at a time in my life when I needed to look forward, turn the page and understand that a cycle has ended and another one started that doesn't have to be worse. I think we have to learn from the past but not stay in it and find the path you want to follow.


Your music sounds like early morning or evening to me. What time of the day feels most inspiring for you to make music in?

I always have music in my mind especially when I'm creating a new song. It sounds in my mind all day until I write it. I usually work with my piano in the afternoon.


Listening to your pieces, they create imagery in my head like movie soundtracks. Are soundtracks something you've thought about making?

Absolutely. Most of my songs are born from a story that I have in my mind. One of my biggest dreams would be for my songs to be included in the soundtrack of a movie or TV series. My next songs go in that direction.


I also noticed all your songs have beautiful cover arts on Spotify, how do you come up with those?

I love digital design and I create the covers myself based on the history that the song tells and listening to it while I work on the cover.


What artists inspire you the most, and who would you like to collaborate with?

I'm afraid the list is long: Bach, Erik Satie, Yann Tiersen, Philip Glass, Riuichy Sakamoto, Dustin O'Halloran, Olafur Arnalds, Ludovico Einaudi, Joep Beving, Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman, Nils Frahm, ... Obviously any minimal collaboration with an artist of this level is an impossible dream for me.


What advice do you have for those who are just starting out as artists?

I would tell them to make music that they like, not to imitate anyone, to have their own style, their own sound and to trust in themselves, get carried away by intuition. I would also tell them to try to innovate, rules are there to be broken...


What will be next for you?

I'm focused on a set of innovative new songs that I want to record this year to grow my discography. My next release 'Breathless' is out February 11th, may seem like a classically relaxing piano composition, however, it’s unique 7/8 time signature makes for a very positive and energetic piece.
I'm also looking for a record label to take care of distribution and promotion so that I can dedicate myself exclusively to the creative process.


And last but not least, what's your favourite sound? : )

I don't have a specific favorite sound. I love nature sounds, the wind between the trees, the waves on the coast, the birds singing, they relax me. Of course I love the sound of the piano, it's emotional for me.

Once again, thank you @nelaique for the chat and for submitting such a beautiful song to the contest!  Speaking of the contest, Artists Wanted continues its journey with the second round, which you can follow right here!