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Artists Wanted No 10: Meet Winner Emuuto


Greetings everyone, and welcome to the Community blog featuring the winner from the current edition of Artists Wanted.


The Artists Wanted series on the Spotify Community is an ongoing project where we, the Community Music Chat Team, invite artists on the Community to share their newest releases and introduce themselves.


Today we have the opportunity to meet Emuuto, the winner of Artist Wanted instrumental-themed edition no. 10, with his wonderful song, “Hario”:


A Bristol, United Kingdom-based electronic artist, Emuuto creates upbeat, dreamy, and melodic dance music that is inspired by a wide range of music genres.


I had the chance to ask this talented artist a few interview questions, so that the Spotify Community can get to know him better. You can read our conversation below:



You’ve mentioned that you’ve been running your own photography business for the last 10 years, but have always had a passion for music. Was there a certain moment when you decided you would pursue this passion, or did your music career begin more gradually?


It was December 2022 that I decided I was going to give music a proper go after having dabbled a bit in Ableton in the past. Generally, when I get involved in hobbies, I go in heavy and they take over my life a bit (I have an obsessive personality), and that's what happened with music. I was finally comfortable to launch myself under an artist name and put out some music a couple of months later.


I think it’s great when artists include elements of multiple genres in their music, and you’ve mentioned that your music draws inspiration from “a diverse range of musical genres, ranging from ambient and neo-classical to the pulsating rhythms of house and techno.” Do these genres reflect the different styles of music that you enjoy listening to the most?


Yeah, definitely. I love a piano ambient track just as much as some four to the floor techno beats. Erased Tapes is one of my favourite record labels and they are a great example of that, releasing music from the likes of Olafur Arnaulds and A Winged Victory for the Sullen, but also some great electronic stuff from the likes of Rival Consoles and Kiasmos.


Can you tell us about your process for creating music?


Ableton is my DAW of choice. Often I'll start with the drums and decide the tempo, whether I want a breakbeat or a four to the floor and try to put together something that sounds cool and interesting to listen to, independent of any other track elements. Once I've got that, I'll usually start opening up VST's and cycling through presets to see if anything jumps out and inspires me, or chopping up samples and seeing if I can make anything cool out of it. Usually, I'll just make a whole bunch of clips and loops in session view that sound interesting and work together first before moving on to the arrangement view and coming up with a song structure. It's all very trial and error and sometimes I'll spend hours making a bit, only to delete it as it doesn't really work with the track.


You’ve mentioned that your musical inspirations include artists such as Four Tet, Bonobo, O'Flynn, Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos, and Ross from Friends. Are these some of your favorite artists to listen to, when you’re not creating music yourself?


Absolutely. The music I make is very much inspired by the music I like to listen to. I'm making music that I like to listen to at the end of the day. Whether anyone else likes it isn't that important to me! I've got a curated playlist (Emuuto playlist) where I feature all the music I find through discover weekly and release radar that I particularly like. It features a wide range of genres!


As well as your songs sounding quite amazing, I think their artwork looks great, too. I’m curious if you use your photographs for the album artwork?


Thanks! Yes, all my artwork is my own photography work. I like having that personal connection to the artwork rather than commissioning someone else to make it.


As you’re based in the vibrant city of Bristol, UK, can you tell us if you find inspirations for your music locally (e.g. other artists, concert venues, etc.)?


Bristol has an excellent music scene and there is always stuff going on. There is a place called the Canteen in Stokes Croft where you can go and watch bands play most days of the week, completely free! Also, the Exchange is not far from me where you can go watch bands for between £5-£10 so it's a great way to go discover something new. Drum and bass on a bike with Dom Whiting comes through Bristol every now and then and shuts the whole city down! It's brilliant. I've been going to Glastonbury Festival for most of my adult life, and that always inspires me musically.


In addition to your excellent track “Hario” that won this 10th edition of the Artists Wanted project on the Spotify Community, you’ve also released 5 other great songs on Spotify, including your most recent track, “Misper.” Can you tell us more about this newest song of yours?


Misper is my latest release that I am particularly proud of. I don't really know what genre it is, but it has a dark mysterious edge to it and also some playful elements like the squashy 303 acid bass that I just really enjoy. A lot of work and experimentation went into it so it is great to see it do well and resonate with other listeners. I'm still very much learning so it is a lot of fun getting to put everything you've learnt so far into each new track. Plenty more releases to come!



Congrats again @alip_93 for winning the instrumental-themed edition 10 of Artists Wanted on the Spotify Community, and thank you for telling us more about yourself and your inspiring journey in music. 


Remember that Artists Wanted is an ongoing project. If you’re an artist, feel free to send us your music in the upcoming submission thread for the next edition, to be posted in Discovery & Promo