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Artists Wanted No 11: Meet Winner The Finesse!


Greetings and welcome to the 11th edition of Artists Wanted, the ongoing Community project where we, the Community Music Chat Team, invite artists on the Community to share their newest releases and to introduce themselves.

The 11th edition, dedicated to Summer Songs, attracted plenty of great submissions, and after careful consideration and Community-wide voting, the Winner was announced.

Congratulations once again to The Finesse, whose song "Colors" won the most hearts and votes!



The Finesse is hailing to us from Des Moines, Iowa, USA, where they write soulful music with a warm-hearted core glowing within the groovy rhythms and playful melodies. I had the pleasure to chat briefly with the artist and ask them a bit more about things that inspire them.
You can read our conversation below!



When I first listened to the winning tune "Colors", the power of Your voice really stood out to me. When and how did You discover singing as your passion?


I started singing & dancing along to Michael Jackson records when I was just a toddler and I never lost that sense of joy and elation when I’m on stage or in the studio. I really didn’t come out of my shell until I started performing in the Japanese night club scene. The way music and song could cut across language and culture really ignited something powerful inside me. 

Tell us more about "Colors", what inspired You to write this strikingly vibrant song?


Colors is a love letter to a few chapters in my life. There was a time I was a poor kid chasing a dream in California, trying to figure out how to live a life when I felt like I had nothing. I loved piling into my friend’s car and just cruising around, lost in a stunningly beautiful place I couldn’t afford. Sometimes when you’re lost in the dark, a rainbow feels like a sign that we will be alright.


"Colors" is the last track of Your debut album "Abraham". Could You tell us more about how the album came to be?


My grandfather, Abraham, passed away in 2020 and due to the circumstances we couldn’t give him a proper burial and give his military honors. I took the grief and frustration and turned it into music: to share the stories and legends about Abraham, the good, the bad and the complicated.


Could You tell us more about your creative process - do You find the melody or lyrics come to You first, or are they very much intertwined?


Sometimes the process starts with an idea or a lyric or a hook. The story is important to me so I’m always overthinking the lyrics but the best part of working with a band like The Finesse is that we can collaborate to set the vibe and create a feeling and let the words come from that space. Most importantly is that we stay open and be willing to take chances!


Your music feels very diverse with each song having a unique print - what are the main influences when writing music?


Aside from singing, the first instrument I took seriously was the drums. The rhythm and the groove are always the influential centerpiece, but in the spirit of honoring my grandfather’s time we also rooted our work in some of the arrangements and styles of 60s & 70s soul, jazz, and pop songs. Personally, I’ve always admired the depth of Stevie Wonder’s catalogue and genius, so there’s a healthy dash of his influence too.


With the lively and captivating sound You've got, I can't help but ask whether You can be seen performing live as well?


When the album dropped on May 5, The Finesse was touching down in Tokyo on the same day for a 3 week promotional tour and that was such a dope way to celebrate the moment. Since returning to the US, we have been playing festivals and outdoor events but can’t wait to get back on stage.


What are You planning to do next?


We’re currently working on a film to accompany the song Colors and we always have such a great time making art together so I try to enjoy the moment and take things one day at a time.


Lastly - while checking out Your releases, I noticed one song titled "Black Coffee". Is that Your favourite beverage or is there something You love even more?


I love Black Coffee but you may have to stop over for a cup if you want to find out more…



Once again, a warm thank you to The Finesse for a chat and for submitting your colorful song to the contest. Speaking of the contest, keep your eyes peeled for the new edition to follow very soon!