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Backstage Intro
Meet the Stars

Backstage Intro - Meet Estefany


Our Community Stars can be featured in Backstage Intros. To find out more about the Star Program click here.


Hello everyone ✌️


This month of December ❄️, we're happy to introduce our newest Community Star 🌟Estefany Añasco aka @Anyk17 whom you might have seen around in the Community, sharing music and helping users.


Here's what she shared with us:


To start, could you tell us a bit about yourself? We'd love to get to know you 😊


- I'm from Cali, Colombia and currently living in Bogotá. I was born in a family of musicians, but no talent for myself in that field 😂 My passion is with logic, languages and technology. I love traveling, reading, playing and eating!


You mentioned that you definitely prefer coffee  to tea 🍵, so tell us: Hot or cold? With or without sugar? Milk? Do you have a favorite flavor you put in the coffee like caramel for example?


- Definitely hot and without sugar. My preferred coffee preparation is cappuccino 😊 I don't usually add flavors, but sometimes I like my coffee with a little bit of whiskey.


How would you prefer to spend your free time? Are you an outgoing person?


- I love reading, going to the movies or theater, and playing board games with my friends. I see myself as an introvert, but I'm very outgoing with the people close to me.


Video games or books, and do you have any favorites?


- I could never choose, I love them both! My favorite game is Assassins Creed and although I don't have a favorite book, I love anything by Agatha Christie.


How did you choose your username?


- I use the last 3 letters of my name, with a final 'k' to make it more powerful 😂


What songs or which playlist do you like playing in the background when hanging out with friends or relaxing?


- I like using Spotify Jams when I'm hanging out with friends, so everyone can add what they want. It gets pretty crazy from Rock n' Roll to Vallenato, from Grupo Niche to Nirvana 🎸


Do you have a particular song you keep re-playing over and over?


- I have seasons of song obsession where I play the same tune over and over again, but that one keeps changing. If I have to choose one that has been permanent through my life, it would be "The Show Must Go On" by Queen 🎶


It was lovely getting to know you Estefany, thank you for your time and for your answers 🤗


Also, thanks everyone for sticking around 🙏


Stay tuned for the next Backstage Intro coming soon. In the meantime, if you're a Star wanting an introduction, feel free to reach out to one of the Mods to let us know. We'd love to find out a bit more about you 😊