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Backstage Intro

Backstage Intro - Meet Ivelina


The Backstage intros can also feature our Community Stars. Head here to find more about the Spotify Star Program.


Hello everyone, hope you’re all enjoying the sun and staying hydrated (so what if it’s January ❄️ 🌞).


We would like to take the chance and introduce to you another edition to the moderator team. She’s been strolling the plains of the Community for some time already but now we get to find out a little more about her. Let’s give a big warm welcome to @Ivelina!




Welcome on board Ivelina, good to have you with us. I’m curious how you came across Spotify for the first time?


I can absolutely not live without music and love to find new and unique genres and artists, so ever since I was much younger, I'd search for ways to explore and that's how I learned about Spotify. I had some friends (including a DJ) that were using it and it was them that introduced me more to the app. I even remember the older logos, but have to say I'm a fan of the current one.


Can you share with us a little something about your music taste? Do you have a favorite genre/artists? Is there an activity that you can’t possibly do without listening to music? 😄 Share a couple of songs with us:


My music taste is all over the, seriously! Depending on the mood. I can listen to everything from chalga (Bulgarian pop folk music) when I'm sad, to heavy metal when I'm really mad, most "girliest" and cheesy pop songs (excluding Taylor Swift - sorry to any fans 😄), hip-hop when I'm feeling badass 😅, but I do enjoy some weird electronic tunes which I can't exactly say what type of genre they are.


My first favorite band is Linkin Park! 😍 I think I first heard them on the TV when I was in first grade and I immediately loved every single song of theirs which I played. Sadly, I never went to their concert, but really wanted to (RIP Chester).


My absolutely favorite song of theirs is of course Numb and it's the first one I heard.

Others are Breaking the habit, Faint, Papercut, One step closer, Crawling. I can really go on here...






It doesn't happen often that I'd love almost every song of an artist or band, but another artist I really like is the not so famous Darci. I can't say exactly the type of genre his music is, but the internet says it's R&B, new wave hip-hop, dance beats & left of center indie pop. Whatever that means...


The following tunes by Darci I enjoy the most:





I've had particularly these two heavily on repeat. I used to spam this artist on Instagram, because he'd post "leave a heart emoji and I'll send you a preview of my latest track" to the point where he blocked me and I can't follow him there anymore. Talking about a crazy fan, am I right 😄


Still love his music though. In my defense, he used to make only a few tracks per year so I was really impatiently waiting for every new piece 🤗


When I'm cleaning, cooking and drawing/creating, I'm always listening to something, doesn't matter if music or a podcast (fav. one is the Bulgarian Comedy Club Podcast).




I also LOVE blasting music when I'm driving on my own 🚗


Other songs off the top of my head are:



for when I'm feeling myself 😎



love this classic everlasting one


I do like the Weekend a lot too and this one of his old classics, however the correct version (Trust issues remix) is not available on Spotify, so here's Drake's:




And some more:






The last one is for when I'm in an extra mad mood 😅





One sassy song my Gen Z sister shared with me is:



Aand ending with one chalga one:




Wow! What a rich music taste! Thank you for sharing all these cool tunes with us! Are you a live music fan as well? What was the last concert you went to?


Believe it or not, I've never been to a concert 🙈


@Elena said we must change this. I most definitely agree and I am a live music fan! I wish I could play an instrument and my preference would be electric guitar. I'd love to rock a good solo like a real rock star 🤘


Here's a fun song on that note:




Yes, I also think nothing beats a live show. I hope your first one really leaves a joyful memory! A question a bit off topic, but still a classic one - coffee or tea?


Iced coffee with caramel syrup and milk, but only 1 a day and for the rest - caramel tea 😄🍨


Yum, sounds tasty! And another classic - cats or dogs?


I love animals and would love to rescue them all if I could, but as a proud frenchie owner I'm biased towards dogs 🐶


Are you a traveler? Was there some place you went to at some point that left a strong impression in your mind?


I don't get to travel as much as I would like to and I've not been to so many places, but London is where I would always return to even just for a couple of days. There's something appealing about big cities. Apart from that, any country with an endless summer and a nice beach is where I'd love to be.


I also think an endless summer is a recipe for an endless smile. Speaking of which, what makes you really, really happy?


I love food, so a really delicious meal preferably one that I made to my taste 😂 And of course also spending time with my friends and definitely my dogs! I didn't know a person could feel such happiness!


And in the end, do you have a motto you go by in life?


As I tend to be neurotic at times and get stressed out I try to calm myself with phrases such as "Каквото, такова" or "Прави каквото трябва, пък да става каквото ще". And in English those would be something like "Try doing the right thing and whatever happens next, happens" and "It is what it is".


Indeed, it is what it is...and it is a real pleasure to have you in the team! Thanks for this glimpse into your mind 🌻



Thanks for sticking around! Stay tuned for the next Backstage Intro folks!


Meanwhile, if you're a Star and would like an introduction, feel free to reach out to one of the Mods to let us know. We'd love to find out a bit more about you 🙂

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