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Backstage Intro - Meet Joan


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Hey folks, this month we're going to introduce our newest addition to the Moderators team - @Joan.


Joan, tell us a bit more about yourself!


I am from Troyan, Bulgaria, a beautiful small town in the mountains of the country's north. Because of this I really enjoy hiking and being in nature in general.


How did you come across Spotify?


2016, I got a new phone that had it pre-installed. This was also the first time I had unlimited mobile data too. I was bored while waiting one time so I decided to give it a shot and listen to some jazz playlists to pass the time.


Unlimited data AND Spotify? We're sure this was the last time you were ever bored. What are your other go-to-genres besides jazz for when you need to kill time?


Jazz was just what I wanted to listen to at the time. It's also a genre where which specific song you listen to doesn't matter too much, so just picking an artist and letting their stuff play is a good way to experience it. Now, after years of using Spotify, I have my own catalogue of playlists I curated myself and I listen to those or specific artists that I love, depending on what I feel like at the moment. I listen to almost anything - rock, metal, jazz, hip-hop, electronic, folk, classical, you name it. So I am fully enjoying the wide variety of things to discover on Spotify.


Variety is always nice, but if you had to describe your life with a single song, which one would it be?




Short, but to the point! Existential suffering aside, if you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose and why?


If money wasn't an issue, I would probably choose Japan. Somewhere rural to be precise, I don't like big cities, they're very overwhelming. That being said, I will spend a lot of time in Tokyo though. Japan as a whole is so full of things to see and do all over it's many islands that I believe a full year would be enough to at least do the big ones I can think of 😄 Actually a friend of mine did a very long several month long road trip through Japan and honestly, maybe if I paced it a bit slower, I would gladly do the same.


Nice one! And which would be the refreshing drink of choice that will keep you going during this road trip?


Tea. Yeah, fight me, caffeine addicts.


Watch your back, a coffee mug-waving crowd might be coming for you after this gets published! 


Now, can you share with us the first funny story/fact that you can think of?


A friend of mine who lives in Japan showed me a pic of a spider that lives in their hallway. Although the spider is big, he is practically harmless and even eats bad bugs like cockroaches and mosquitos, so they just let him be. My friend let me name the guy, his name is now Goro-chan.


That's endearing and hilarious at the same time, well done 😄 And now, last but not least, let us know what brought you to the Community.


The more laid-back and cooperative nature of the work, the creative tasks like the blogs and the more interesting cases we get to work.


Thank you, Joan, it was a real pleasure interviewing you!


Thanks for sticking around, folks! Stay tuned for the next Backstage Intro coming soon. In the meantime, if you're a Star wanting an introduction, feel free to reach out to one of the Mods to let us know. We'd love to find out a bit more about you 😊