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Luan aka @hezorgLuan aka @hezorgThis month, we're happy to introduce Luan aka @hezorg who recently ranked up to Rock Star 1!




Hi Luan, tell us more about yourself.

My name is Luan, I'm 17 (18 on a few days) and I'm from Salvador, Brazil. I do like playing videogames, listening to songs and series like House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Dark ♥ I'm currently trying to be approved on the national education selection process to start my medicine graduation and one of my favorite hobbies is swimming and cooking.

How did you choose your Community username?

My Community username is the same that I use in most accounts that I've got. It's like an anagram for "Herzog" that was a journalist who was died on the Brazillian military dictatorship because he was fighting for a free press and the democracy restoration.

You've mentioned before that you started using Spotify since 2015. What's your favorite in-app feature?

Tough to choose! I really enjoy Podcasts, Autoplay and "Made for You " playlists.


What's your favorite playlist on Spotify?

Well, I've got a playlist called "Special Selection" made on my own that I've selected my favourites songs.




Nice! What's your all-time most listened to song?

I think my most listened song ever was "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran.




It sounds like you enjoy Ed Sheeran's songs, if so, tell us your favorite collaborations of his.

I'm an Ed Sheeran fan, yes! I like so much the "Perfect Duet" with Beyoncé.




I also really like another one from his latest album. It's "Beautiful People" with Khalid.




I think it is the melody and rhythm I like on these songs 🙂


If you had one hour to chat with someone, who would you pick?

If I could meet a scientist to talk for just one hour, I think I'd pick Stephen Hawking because of his genius and knowledge about the Universe and black holes. I'd really love to hear about his "theories about everything". But now, unfortunately, he is a new star in the Universe, at all.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Before we go, what joke always makes you laugh?

Uh-oh, I confess that I think I don't know any English joke, so I asked for Google Assistant help lol.

"What do you get when you put a vest on an Alligator? An investigator".



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Spotify Legend

Awesome! I love the Ed Sheeran songs you picked @hezorg

Rock Star 12
Rock Star 12

I think that Photograph was one of my most played songs too, with Shape of You 🙂


I'm so happy to see you peruse your passions and use your opportunity!!! 

Rock Star 11
Rock Star 11

Hey Luan! Are you famous already?

Rock Star 9
Rock Star 9

@Daisy @Brunelicia we've got a fantastic musical taste 😉😂😂


@A1_taz Thank u


@Jose_M Perhaps 😜

Love the drive!

Hi do you have or can help me find the song Maybe This time by Michael Martin Murphey please help... Thanks if you have can you upload it to spotify?