Backstage Intro: Meet Melody!

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Hey folks! It's been a little while, but finally, here's a brand new backstage intro!


Hey there, @Melody ! Tell us something about yourself.

Hey! One fact about me, hmm! I have an older brother, and as kids we grew up spending our summers at festivals because our parents were folk musicians. There’s even evidence of us as babies sleeping in guitar cases side stage!


So, what kind of music are you into?

I know it seems like avoiding the question, but I genuinely love alll kinds of music. My Spotify Daily Mixes for example range from folk including Bears Den, to Drake, Jhene Aiko and Miguel.


Name 3 songs that are your all-time most favorite ones.

This is such a tricky question!
Ok, so we’ll have to go with my fav 3 right now as I always change my mind…

But… If I was going back to my childhood favs then we’d be seeing a whole lot more Spice Girls let’s just say.


What music defined your teenage years?

Ahhh there we go. Yep, Spice Girls were my favourite growing up. Then I fell in love with Alicia Keys' music
spotify:track:3XVBdLihbNbxUwZosxcGuJ:small, and then started listening to a bit more folk too.


A little bird whispered you also make music: tell us how it started!

I think it has to have come from my parents being musicians. And I guess that’s why they gave me my name with high hopes that i’d do something to follow in their footsteps one day too. I’m a long way off, but I do love songwriting and gigging.


Thanks for taking your time to chat with us. Before we go, what joke always makes you laugh?

This is a silly one my mum told me as a child…
Why is a piano so hard to open?
(Because the keys are on the inside!)


Don't forget to take a look at Melodys songs: let's take a look.



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Love the joke 😄 


You totally do sound like a musician! 

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Rock Star 22

You forgot the mandatory question to every Spice Girls fan:


Who was your favourite Spice Girl? :)


Awesome to see this feature back, @MichaelW!


And @osornios... we all know it's Baby Spice. She was totally the coolest member. Discuss 😉