Backstage Outro: Farewell Kate

Backstage Outro: Farewell Kate


Hey everyone!


This edition of the Backstage Blog will be a bit different as we'd like to take the time to say farewell to one of most tenure Mods on the Community - none other than the lovely @Katerina.


We'll for sure miss you a lot, Kate, but let's kick this off on a positive note - What is the best thing about being a mod on the Spotify community?

Working alongside such an amazing group of people. Everyone's been a Star, really! (yeah, pun intended 😄)


For all the time you've spend with us on the Community, I'm sure you have some posts near and dear to your heart. If you do, would you like to share your favorite posts in Music Chat with us?

This thread is my favorite place to be. Still mad I missed getting a badge as the winner from version 1.0. Glad @Birdie restarted the thread now, I get to have a chance on winning again 😄 I also love reading the questions of the week everyone comes up with, and what everyone replies. So enlightening!


If you could snap your fingers and have a feature on the app what would it be?

An integration with the Community! You know how cool it'd be if you could be listening to music, or a podcast, and it makes you think of something and you want to start a discussion with other fans like you. You then click a button in the app, and a pop up window appears from the Spotify Community - you've started a new thread about this song/podcast in Chat, and maybe others will do too, that's a conversation.


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I know you loved designing images for the Community - can you give us a top 3 of your fave images?

It's like asking a parent to pick a child haha. I honestly can't pick! This is an aspect of working here I never thought I'd be good at, and I grew to be better! Most of my fondest thoughts are on collab pieces, like some special cards for Stars, or coming up with a concept for the upcoming Value Weeks branding! It was pretty cool learning and collaborating with folks!


What would your advice be for future mods and Stars?

You are all such amazing human beings, I learned a lot from you! So, keep rocking! I still fondly look back to my first days experiencing the program and Community, and it always came down to everyone being super helpful and nice. It's cool to think, just one small welcoming gesture like this can have a big impact on someone's path!


What a lovely lovely note to end on! Thank you so much Kate for everything that you have done for the team and we wish you the best and plenty of success in all life aspects.


Leaving you with one of Kate's top favorite songs that also fits the theme perfectly!




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