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Community Chat - Introducing the Music Areas

Community Chat - Introducing the Music Areas


Hi folks!


Today we wanted to take some time to tell you more about our Community, and in particular our Chat section’s music areas.  


There are other sections covering things like Podcasts, but the main goal of the music-related sections of Chat is to celebrate new and emerging artists, and drive meaningful, fun discussions about music and Spotify! But of course, artists and users of all kinds are welcome to post their work and questions on the forum - inclusivity is one of our core values and for a good reason!

Discovery and Promo

Right now, one of our ‘key’ focus areas in Chat is “to give artists a platform to share their art with a new audience, and encourage them to tell their story”.  We believe artist’s creative processes and achievements should be celebrated and shared, and that this space can help encourage that. This drove us to create the category ''Discovery and Promo''. Discovery and Promo is a special section where artists can post their tracks, and tell us all a little bit about the songs, themselves, or anything else they would like to share. It’s a great place to go if you want to hear from artists themselves, or if you’re in fact an artist with a story to tell! Non-artists can also use this section to share the new and emerging artists they’ve discovered and are excited about.

To help evolve the Discovery and Promo area we've also started running dedicated threads that allow artists to engage with Community users in fun new ways. These threads help artists create lasting impressions, and find new fans. What makes the threads different, you might be thinking? Well, they’re recurring! Our first attempt at this type of thread can be found here and we’re hoping that you, our wonderful Community users and Blog readers, will help us decide on a name for those so that they stand out!


We’ve posted our suggestions here and would love for you to vote for the one you like the best.


And if you're wondering how we decide on what the recurring posts are and who the winning nominees will be - we'd be happy to share that we have a team of dedicated Spotify Music Stars who work on the projects. If you'd like to learn more about our Stars and even how to become one, take a look here


Music Discussion

Another goal of ours is to see discussions flourish in the ‘’Music Discussion’’ section. This area is for music fans to get chatting and really dive deeper into the tracks, albums and releases that interest you! It’s a great place to share your thoughts, and ask your fellow Community users for their opinion and recommendations too. You might just find you build your next power playlist on the recommendations and reviews from other fans in this area!


Music Exchange

While we’re on the topic of playlists, if you’d just like to post your latest creation or song discovery for others to enjoy, but you don’t necessarily want to engage in discussions - ‘’Music Exchange’’ is the place for you. 


We hope this helps to summarize the area a little! Each music section serves a different purpose, and we hope among them you’ll find just the place for you. Let us know if you have any feedback! We’re working hard on making this area the best it can be, and for that to happen we need you.

Happy music chatting!
/The Community Team