How to report a broken song or wrong song information

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If you've noticed one of the following issues, you can follow the instructions below to report it.


  • A song, album, or artist with incorrect information (i.e. wrong release year, misspelling, etc.)
  • Different artists on the same Artist Page
  • Incorrect cover art
  • Incorrect artist biography
  • A track or album isn't playing correctly (i.e. a song only playing one second of music)

Instructions to report:


  • Visit this page
  • Choose  I want to report a broken song or wrong song information
  • Click the big button that says I STILL NEED HELP
  • Provide all the requested information
  • Click the button that says SEND QUESTION

Thank you.

Casual Listener

Thanks but it's not in English!!

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Community Manager

Can't this be implemented more easier into the program?
Just add a quick link into the menu, someway.


I've reported an artist being merged with another artist with the same name a year ago and about a month ago but I still don't see any fixes. The Customer Support replied with this message but it's still not fixed:

We'll take this URI's and send them to our content team along with all of the info you provided us about the artist. They'll get this all sorted out in no time.




Justo buscaba esto


Can I report multiple tracks from multiple albums or request an artist merge?


Well, yet another feature that evidence Spotify's lack of respect for music, artists, and their users. I wonder if it would be that hard to implement a menu element that would allow to report such errors from within the program.

Newbie, this album was assigned to the wrong artist. Both have the same artist name but the album belongs to another artist with the same name, a contact form request was sent but still no fix.


How long does it take Spotify to change the artists to a song? I'm just feel that artists would be offended that you guys couldn't even credit the right people... Or fans of that a certain artist will be like "OH THERE'S A NEW COMEBACK" and then become disappointed and sad when they listen to the "new song" and find that it is of a different artist that just so happens to have the same last name as the artist that you love. (That was me and I'm still disappointed a couple of weeks after I found it)

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How can I report issues with an album rather than an individual track? One of the albums in my collection has an incorrect title and almost every song title is also incorrect. I tried using the form to report the individual tracks but it locked me out after two submissions. I also contacted support about it last year and it is still incorrect.



D12 - "Fight Music" is broken. It cuts off early. This was reported back in 2014, and I just reported it again today. Please fix.

Music Fan

Per: How about edit the OP to have the correct english links and while you're at in edit this one too which Google sends you to first:

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Has anyone actually seen a song information issue fixed after they reported it? I certainly haven't and I've been reporting them for years. Why invite users to report these errors if nobody is interested in fixing them?


It's 2016 and this problem still occurs? It is on almost every artist page I've visited recently. Why do you put your serious service problems to your clients instead of fixing it by yourself? For example you could send an email to all of your artists and then ask some confirmation of the details they see on their page. I understand why it goes so badly with spotify on stock market if your ability to fix problems in the service is this quality. 


The Contact Form that is linked from this page, the underlined Contact Form,


leads to this Swedish page:




How about you guys finally provide a way to make reporting easier from within the app itself? Like a menu entry on each album/song "Report an error" that opens the page you mention here, prefilled with the information from that song/album would be a huge time-safer. As it is, I gave up reporting all the issues I constantly see because it just takes up too much time.


Seriously, since this is high on the wish-list since at least 2012 and still nothing has improved you're sending us the signal that Spotify doesn't care. So why should I?


Hey, I'm reaching a swedish written page.

And then, I'm lost !



My name is Lorenzo Ferrari, band manager of VITTORIA AND THE HYDE PARK.
There are irregularities in the information of our songs loaded on Spotify!
It 'just released our last song "Let's Talk About Us"
This is the third single we loaded up on Spotify and for the third consecutive time the song information is WRONG!
The artist of the three songs is: VITTORIA AND THE HYDE PARK
We are a band, is a unique name! you should not split "Vittoria" from "Hyde Park", attributing the song to a singer ( "Vittoria") that has nothing to do with the correct artist!
I ask you kindly to correct information about the artist "VITTORIA AND THE HYDE PARK" for our three songs come out with the label "RNC Music":
- Tomorrow
- Burn Down The Summer
- Let's Talk About Us
You are creating a big problem for us, because the audience can not view a page Artist from which all our songs grouped ...
I ask you kindly to solve this big problem.
Thank you
Lorenzo Ferrari

Hello. I have tried all the steps shown here and there's still the wrong song attributed to my artist page. I have also twitted spotify and got the same answer as here. Song number 6 should not be in my song list.HELP!!

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