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In Our Headphones: April 2024 ‌‌‌‌


Hello awesome people 😊


In this not so awesome weather today 😿, we've once again gathered some of our favorite and most streamed tunes for this month's edition of IOH 🎧 which will hopefully uplift our spirits for the upcoming nice and warm spring days 😎 


One of the reasons I like In Our Headphones so much is that is unites everyone's unique taste for different genres and artists in one pretty cool playlist like no other!


💡Just a reminder to play it on Shuffle for an extra surprise of what comes next 😄


Now, let's dive in to the content we collected!




Starting strong with @Vasil who shared some classic tunes with us:


Apparently he's on a two month rap streak that continues as he revisited some OG songs by Eminem that are absolute gold and hopefully everyone knows:


Also - a tip - you can watch "8th Mile" with Eminem starring as the main character if you've somehow missed it!


Next up is another great track that has been featured in a movie. And it was a good movie. If you enjoy boxing and robots - check out "Real Steel"! It's very worth it.


And to top these off, here's one maybe more of you haven't heard before, so enjoy (heh):




Next up we have @MartinT's vibrations for the month:





A smidge of this:


A bouquet of love:


And some delusion:




Let's see what @Yordan is jamming to:


Azarath blast with such compelling infernal ferocity that I'm sure they could make you turn to the dark side.


This is the band's latest and most brutal album yet, featuring crushing riffs, pounding drums, deranged vocals and a little bit of technical avant-garde weirdness for that extra sparkle. It goes without saying that the end result is absolutely awesome.




@Maria did wonder if she should share the following track, but as I personally enjoy it a lot, I encouraged her:


I'm strongly considering this one, cause each time i heard it, i also get to see a raccoon which gives me instant serotonin, but not sure if we should include that one 😄




@MihailY shares his current favorite track for goofing around and dancing with his daughter:




Moving on to @Nikola's picks for April:


Just discovered Peter Gabriel’s latest album. It totally rocks…it’s so inspiring to see this fine gentleman still making incredibly beautiful and diverse music in his old years. You can hear the first few seconds of the songs and you know it’s him. But he nevertheless manages to add a dash of something new, something modern. And the album has two sides - one with “bright” mixes of the song and one with “dark” ones so you can listen to the same tracks, but with a slightly different twist in the sound.




And finishing strong with @Joan's rich suggestions:


As per usual, my musical journey has been defined by concerts I attended. At the end of March I went to see heavy metal God Udo Dirkschneider once again. Years go by, but this titan doesn't miss. He even made a new record and it's a banger once again! His band cranks out amazing riffs so frequently, you'd think that it's easy to do so. Metal truly never dies!




I only attended one during April itself, but it was so massive it held my spirits high for the whole month - the mighty folk metal pioneers Finntroll. It seems that this band is cursed to only be able to do anything in 8 year increments. It took them 8 years to finally make a new album and it took them 8 years to come play in Bulgaria again. It's unfortunate but the good thing is that whenever these trolls decide to emerge out of their cave, they knock it out of the park. The show was absolutely flawless top to bottom and the energy was incredible. The wait was so so worth it!




Beyond that, it's been a busy month for me so for a lot of the time I just let shuffle guide my journey while I do other things. From this, one of my personal favourites kept popping up - the cyberpunk synthwave master Mega Drive. I love this guy and everything he does, so I was always happy to hear him and the good thing in this case was that I got to pay attention to some of his less popular tracks that I tended to overlook somewhat. Only goes to show that Mega Drive doesn't miss and the way he captures his trademark sci-fi atmosphere is second to none!






P.S. Here's one contribution from me as well:




Thank you for the great suggestions, folks! Don't forget to save the playlist on Spotify:


Stay awesome and until next time 🎸