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In Our Headphones: July 2022

In Our Headphones: July 2022






Heya folks! 🤠 😎
As the Summer peaks in temperature and the July spirits are searching for shade, it's time for a new 'In Our Headphones' mix!

To kick it off with style and set the mood, here's this gem, recommended by @Nikola:
"This Ukrainian band and the beautiful female vocals can really fill your heart with warmth and beauty. They really take you to a time of peace and prosperity, where time moves slowly between golden crops of wheat and the caress of the sun, resting in the blue sky.
I just hope they get to re-experience this as soon as possible for themselves."

Moving on to another piece of art 🎨:
"I've been a fan of Villagers since the first time I heard their song Zvara, played by some Greek friends of mine, dancing a bit tipsy, but very inspired by the sounds of this stoner machine. The whole album “Age of Aquarius” is quite the spiritual and uplifting journey."

And to finish off our Intro:
"This was actually recommended to me by Spotify, cause I liked and listened to a couple of other Jane’s addiction songs. It really caught my attention because of its unusual instrumental approach and slow build up. I think it has a lot of depth melodically and lyrically and of course Perry’s vocals are from outer space as always."

Thanks for the kickoff, Nik!

As the skies darken, the wind howls and everything suddenly goes quieter, we'll be moving on to a recommendation of @Yordan's.

"After hearing Free Bird countless times on the radio and other media, I can't believe that I hadn't actually listened to the whole song up until recently, when a certain meme video of a rat spinning in all directions while the Free Bird solo plays in the background popped up in my feed (you might have seen it too, it is truly a marvelous composition). With a solo that lasts for 4 minutes, this song was a banger back then and remains a banger today. Come to think of it, this isn't the full version of the song either. Technology hasn't advanced enough yet and there is not enough data to capture the solo in its entirety..."

It's actually quite the song for windy times indeed.

Winds and dark clouds are, however, often followed by storms.
This one is called Amissus by Hexis:
"What's awesome about music is that it can be heartwarming and relaxing, giving you a chance to take a brief moment of pause from the tough and distressing everyday life. Well, Hexis' music does none of that - the guys just want to make sure you suffer as much as possible, yet still leave you begging for more. It's the sonic equivalent of constantly being hit in the face with a demolition hammer. Their nihilistic lyrical approach, combined with the sheer brutality of their sound makes for one heck of an intense experience and I can't wait to seem them live in a couple of months."

Now that was different and unexpected.
And the theme goes on with a jarring song addition by our charming @Elena:

"If there's something I do know, it's that Wage War make really solid tracks and you can always expect a quality breakdown mixed into the catchy melody"

"Aside from that though, July has been going at an incredible speed at least in my head and I feel like this song by Mad Season describes how I feel lately quite well 😄":

Thanks, Leni! Quite the ride indeed.

Up next on the track list is our dear @Emil with a surprising recommendation I never knew existed: 
"I have the weird music taste of loving both really guitar heavy rock and metal music and electronic D&B and danceable beats. I discovered Electric Callboy last month and they're basically a band that caters to my music taste 😄

Definitely check out their music videos as well, they're hilarious and remind me of Little Big on multiple occasions."

And to add something trendy to the mix as the storm finally starts clearing out:
"Kate Bush's original version of the song has been charting recently thanks to its inclusion in a certain series with a lot of odd stuff in it, but before that I always thought this is a Placebo original. Both versions are amazing and full of emotion, but I'd still go with Placebo's interpretation as my personal favorite as that is the one I heard on the radio while growing up. That, and I went to see Placebo live recently which probably added to my bias."

Thanks, Emo!
I do recommend the odd series 😀

The skies are now clear though and it's time to add the next track by @Kiril!
"Memories from the period I was living in the Netherlands around 2010, and there with a friend we used to jam a lot to Nicolas Jaar housie tunes while studying!"

Quite the mood-changer!
And to bring a new wave of heat, because it's July after all and storms cool things off only temporarily:
"Just discovered Paula Perry - a pretty bad chick in the Rap game, but she's been around since 1998, produced by none other than DJ Premier! She's holding it down strong!"

Thanks, Kiro!

And last but definitely not least, to finish this mix up on a high note - a dancy tune, provided by @Eni for when the sun goes down and only the heat remains!
"I'm learning Portuguese and now I'm discovering music from Brazil. It helps me improve my vocabulary and get to know the culture. I loved this song from the first time I listened to it. Also, using the Radio, the app showed me similar songs from the same era and I really enjoy listening to them 🎧"

Many thanks again to everyone who managed to join in!
Enjoy the mix, folks! 🎉


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