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Meet The Mentors: Jose


When you first join the Spotify Star Program, you’ll find yourself in a bunch of awesome stuff. Your mentor helps you break it down and guides you towards stardom! We’ve got mentors in every area of the Community and today we'll have a quick chat with @Jose_M 



Tell us a bit about yourself, Jose!

My name is Jose, I'm from Spain and I've been a Star for 3 years now! My favorite
areas in the Community are the Help boards (Accounts/Subscriptions) and the Ideas Exchange. I also hang out on Twitter @AskSpotifyStars. 


Your favourite board on the Spotify Community

If I had to choose one favourite board in the Community, I would choose the Social & Random board in the Chat section. Even though I don't get to post much there, I really enjoy reading fun stories, and getting to know other people. It clearly shows the Community and fun part of this site.



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Your advice to folks thinking of joining the Star Program

I'd wholeheartedly recommend you to join the program. It's a unique opportunity to meet lots of people with similar interests like music, technology, even things like plants and photography. Helping others on the boards is also a very rewarding experience and Star events are great fun!

What song could you live for having stuck in your head for the rest of your life?

It would be Halo by Beyoncé. It's already in my head quite frequently, so it would be interesting having it as a background life soundtrack.


Join the Spotify Star Program! 

We’ve got a team of awesome mentors to help you get started with the Spotify Star Program. Become an expert, help others and get rewarded on the Spotify Community. We’ll be right here to guide you every step of the way. Be sure to check out the Spotify Star Program hub to get started.


Thanks for answering these questions, Jose!