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In Our Headphones.jpg

In Our Headphones: June 2024


Hello everyone


We made it to and through June - an eventful month filled with both football & Pride! Here's some tunes that has been bringing the Community Mods summer vibes so far:


Let's start off with @Ivelina 😎:

Soooooo, as I'm so ready for Summer,
 me and my sister have switched to summer-mood-music and have the following tracks on repeat (these are just some of many!):




We've also made a special playlist "the beach" which we've barely looked away from for the past month 


Next up we have @Yordan:

One of my favorite bands drops a new album, of course I'm blasting this bad boy on repeat all day long, studying every note, every detail. Ulcerate's music is bleak and oppressive, dense and overwhelming, and repeat listens are required in order to get the full grasp of things, but in the end the effort is well worth it. Everything here is just executed to perfection. Album of the year contender, 100%.





Let's continue with our newest Mod @Dessi:

I recently started re-watching "Supernatural" and turns out Dean aka Jensen Ackles has a band, who knew 🙂 So, this particular song has been on repeat for a month now, it's absolutely amazing.


I don't really listen to pop, but Anitta's my guilty pleasure and she released a new album in April, so here's one of the more chill songs, I'm too ashamed to share the ones I like more 🤣


And last but definitely not least I got to see one of my favorite artists Eivør live a couple of days ago and she played a couple of songs from her new album and this one just stuck with me, I absolutely love it. Her voice is quite unique and if you're into crazy Nordic music, try listening to Trøllabundin as well



Thanks, Dessi! Let's check in with @Nikola:


In this heat nothing can cool you down like a fistful of genuine and profound philosophy. The following 2 Bulgarian classics are the peak of poetry and meaning in the history of my country’s music so I would like to share them with you. Really, really deep lyrics here and beautiful symphonic instrumental arrangements.




This month, @Kiril went all out sports:

Although I am not a football head, I am very fascinated on tunes that are dedicated to football players 🙂 And as we're in the middle of the EURO Cup 2024, here are my themed picks:




Greek, Bulgarian, and French drill/trap songs, all dedicated to young French player Kylian Mbappé.

Let's head over to @Vasil and see what he says:

For anyone who's missed Eminem ft. Slim Shady 😄 
Not even kidding here, check out Houdini:



And, while on that wave, here's Aerosmith's "Dream On" in a different light:


And to send you off, I'm going to share this masterpiece by Hopsin as well:



No music blog would ever really feel complete without @Joan painting a picture for us 💚:

I've experienced so many unique things in recent times that I almost can't contain myself. Nonetheless, I wanna tell you about the most unique ones. First it would have the esoteric Seattle masters Bell Witch. I never thought I'd get to see this relatively obscure band live, but it happened and I was delighted (less than a month after I talked about them in one of my own blogs no less 😀). The unique thing about them is that their last several album comprise of only a single song with a length of over 80 minutes! These records are truly something else and can really transport you to a distant fantastical place. I also find it very nice to see, in this day and age of shortening attention spans and quickfire content, that these compositions boldly require well over an hour of your undivided attention to be experienced. But give it the time and you won't be sorry. These two dudes also put on one of the most magical concert experiences I've ever had and I'll cherish that memory forever



Beyond that, another West Coast band that I never thought I'd see live also visited us - LA's industrial kings HEALTH. Genre-bending, enthralling and unique, these guys were my surprise discovery at the start of the year and I've been obsessed with them ever since. It's funny what a domino effect this has been - their music video for DEMIGODS got recommended to me because it features footage from my favorite game of all time, Command and Conquer Yuri's Revenge. That lead to me listening to most of their albums multiple times over and culminating in a bombastic live show like no other. I even got to talk to one of the dudes and he was so chill and friendly, was an absolute delight to hang with. Life can be quite strange sometimes, but it all leads to awesome memories and great stories.



Thank you, Joan 🎉 As for me, I've been enjoying tunes that bring me good vibes and late summer nights:


You can find the whole playlist here:

Thanks for listening & see you next month!

Happy summer ☀️ 🏖