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In Our Headphones: March 2024


Hey there folks 👋


Spring has finally arrived! The days are getting warmer and warmer 🌄 flowers are blooming... 🌼 The Earth has awakened from her deep slumber 💤 now thriving with life, and her flourishing 🌱 🌳 is captured into a stunning magical landscape, not unlike the sonic landscape we have prepared here, so let' sit back, relax and enjoy the songs and artists we played on repeat this month 🎵


We're roundhouse-kicking things off with @Vasil and the rapper NF, whose compelling compositions of epic symphonic instrumentals and powerful evocative lyrics make for one hell of a listen!


This is not the intro but this song is NF's most famous one to this date. It's a bit different than the rest I'd like to share with you today, so I thought I'd start with it instead 🙂 




And with this beautiful arrangement to the side, here's three of my top picks of the artist, starting with his very first Intro 😁




Not bad, right? But the next one is an even bigger banger! Story has it that they asked NF how many beat drops he wanted in the song to which he replied with a resounding 'yes!' 😄




And if you feel like getting a little bit closer to the artist himself and what he's all about, I'd definitely recommend checking out this song!




Next up is @Maria, who was pleased to discover that two of her favorite artists have released new material recently:


I've had two Swedish songs constantly on repeat this month 😁 both are newly released and are by artists who haven't put out anything for a few years now, which makes the new tracks even more enjoyable!





@Ivelina takes control of the playback with some 2000's hits by the amazing Andreea Bănică that carry the sunny and exotic summery vibe of Romanian pop dance music ☀️





The aux cable is passed on to @MartinT, who shares a interesting blend of some rather intriguing artists you should definitely check out 👀


This month we have a mixture of old soviet drama a dash of rising stardom and a song that basically signals the second coming 😁






@Joan joins the listening party and does a complete 180° with his picks 🤘


This month, my death metal streak continues courtesy of yet another awesome concert with Polish legends Decapitated at the helm. What a fitting name for those guys because that's how I felt when the concert was over. It was the show I was most looking forward to this month and it exceeded all expectations. Decapitated are a band that are seemingly cursed and have had so many awful things happen to them, but despite that, they're still here, still going strong and still delivering banger performances. And more power to them!




The other discovery of mine was this dude known as Mr. Kitty. Apparently, this guy has been a big deal for some time now and especially his song After Dark has been hugely successful for many years, yet it flew completely under my radar. I heard it randomly and it sent me down a rabbit hole I never could've predicted. He immediately drew me in with his mastery over one of my favourite vibes - cyberpunk melancholy. Absolutely love this kind of atmosphere and nothing I've heard so far captures this feeling better than his songs. I may not climb out of this rabbit hole anytime soon. Now if you excuse me, I must go wear a trench coat in the rain and stare contemplatively into the distance while pretending I'm Ryan Gosling.




As for me, I found myself embracing the sun's beautiful rays with some lush melodic landscapes from the French titans Blut Aus Nord, who are masters of creating gorgeous and memorable sonic passages that are bound to get stuck in your head.


Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars is often regarded as the band's magnum opus, and rightfully so: the album is full of earworm riffs and transcendent tranquil melodies, and its light and airy production invokes the feeling of soaring through the firmament and admiring the majestic scenery below.






The successor and latest release from the series (so far), Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry continues very much in the same vein, but with a more aggressive approach and a heavier production 🤘






🍄 Hallucinogen 🍄 is a unique album in BAN's discography: while their songwriting style has always treated vocals as more of a background component that emphasizes the atmosphere, here they are so scarce that Hallucinogen almost feels like an instrumental album. Don't let this fool you though - they absolutely make up for this with an abundance of killer riffs, which make this record one of the finest releases in metal.






Thanks everyone for all those great submissions 👏 👏  You can check out the full playlist below 😎 🎵