Meet the Pets of the Star Program!

Meet the Pets of the Star Program!

Spotify Star
Spotify Star

In the Spotify Star Program, you’ll not only get to know new people, but you’ll also meet loads of cute pets! 🐶 Let’s be honest: where would we be without our lovely little friends! 


From pet pics in our Slack chat to Star Calls with tips & tricks, the Star Program wouldn’t be the same without them. We don’t want you to miss out on our lovely pet exchanges so be prepared to say: ‘aww’ while we introduce you to these little ones! 😍





Loki & Odin

First up, we’ve got @Xenia who introduces us to two of her many(!) lovely cats! Loki is a super cute and social four year old cat with excellent manners! He welcomes visitors and you can wake him up for hugs anytime. He really loves jumping, running, exploring, water and high places! The only thing Loki’s afraid of is the vacuum cleaner (which we totally get). Xenia got Loki from a former colleague who was blessed with a batch of adorable kittens; she only had two cats back then and was unable to resist Loki.


Loki's pet playlist




Odin is a couple of months younger than Loki and the total opposite! Odin’s very shy and a bit more suspicious towards strangers. The vacuum cleaner is okay for Odin though and even helps Xenia make sure there are no spots left uncleaned! Odin is a big cuddler and loves watching birds through the window, sitting in tiny boxes and green toys (preferably with features)! Odin’s not a big fan of water and strangers. 


Odin's pet playlist


Tobby & Lola

We’ll pass on the mic to @MateusM who has two adorable four-legged friends: Tobby who is 4 years old and Lola who is 7 years old! Lola is Tobby’s mom and they haveLolaLolaTobbyTobby loads of fun together! Tobby’s a big fan of getting his rest and
is a real foodie and Lola’s a real extravert and loves coming along on trips! They both love getting snacks (who doesn’t?!) 






The Pigeon (a.k.a. Capsule)

@Sebasty introduces us to a very special pet! As the name might have spoiled; the The PigeonThe Pigeonpigeon is a pigeon! The pigeon is a rescue pet and is now two years old! She is totally adorable and it a big fan of El Wraith by Amon Tobin and more melodic music. She’s also a big fan of watching TV.


Miru (a.k.a. Mira)

This lovely little one-year-and-four-months-old cat goes by many names: crazy cat or puffy head! (not without reasons!). @Mario introduces us to Miru who is from Bulgaria and loves playing games such as hide and seek, running and jumping across the apartment; contemplating while staring at people and things through the window, throwing objects of tables and last but not least: cuddles! 😄

Miru (a.k.a. Mira)Miru (a.k.a. Mira)



She loves listening to ambient and chilled beats when she’s calm and alternative rock when she’s playful!


She is extremely and entertainingly vocal; "Looks like a famous cat from somewhere", you'd say when you first look at her; If you do push-ups, she’ll think something’s wrong with you 'cause you’re flat on the floor; and she'll immediately come to the rescue (her own way, approaching and screaming in your face, lol)


Introduce us to your pet!

We’d love to meet your pets as well! Introductions and pet pictures are very welcome in the comments below! 🤩


Want to make a special playlist for you and your pet? Check out Spotify for Pets! 🎧


If you'd like to join in on our pet exchanges and be a part of the Spotify Community; check out the Star Program hub! 🌟


Very special thanks to

@Melody for being an awesome lead on this project!

@Katerina for the proof-reading!

@Mario @MateusM @Xenia @Sebasty for introducing us to their pets!