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Meeting Our Pets 🐶🐱 #1


Isis 🐱

Hey folks!

Welcome to our newest Community blog series.

We'd like to share with the wonderful Community something that's a big part of our lives: our beautiful pets. We really hope you'll love reading about them just as much as we love writing about them.

Up first, is @Eni, who is telling us a little more about her wonderful Isis (named after the Egyptian goddess).


So, let's begin!

How did your pet become a part of your life? Is there a history behind it?

First, I saw Isis on Facebook where an independent rescuer shared a picture of her in a box with her big wide-open yellow eyes and she seemed very scared. I thought she was cute and I wanted to help her, so I decided to send them a message. At the time, I was having my finals at my university, so I told them to wait 15 days for me to go to get her so I could be with her while she adapts in her new home. It’s normally a requirement in shelters to spay strays before giving them for adoption, so they tried to do so, but she had been spayed already. Did she have a home and somehow she got lost or was she abandoned? I don’t know for sure, but adopting her was one of the best decisions I could make in my life.



What is she like? Are there any traits you like the most about her?

Isis is a cuddly and tender mini panther. She’s calm and she loves being with her closest family. She has a very expressive face and she also likes to tell what she wants by meowing in specific situations.

image (1).png

What is her favorite treat/food?

Isis loves churu, it’s definitely her jackpot treat, but they also enjoy eating any treats with a strong flavor.

image (2).png

What is her favorite activity? Does she have any special skills you want to share?

Isis’s favorite activity is being cuddled with me in bed while watching TV shows and smelling anything she can through the window.

image (3).png

Tell us some anecdotes (funny or special ones) about her.

To me, basically everything she does is either special or funny, but I can share some funny facts. For example, if you pet Isis on one side of her belly, she rolls over so you can pet her whole belly, but watch out if you do it too much, since you can leave with a tooth mark on your hand. Also, when she poops she runs towards me and asks for treats, as if she did a good job!

image (4).png

Share with us a song that make you think of your pet 🎶

I'll say this one because it was released the same year I adopted her and she ended up being the best companion I've ever had 💖


Thanks so much for sharing with us, Eni. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her already! 


That's all for now folks! Stay tuned to meet some more of our team's pets 😄