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Meeting Our Pets 🐶🐱 #3


Orion 🐶

Hey folks!

Welcome to the "Meeting Our Pets 🐶🐱" blog series.

This week we're introducing Orion. He's named after the constellation (Orión in Spanish). @heidydiaz is going to share more about him.


Let's start!

How did your pet become a part of your life? Is there a history behind it?

When I was little, I thought beagles were adorable, and I would've loved to have one, but we didn't have any pets back then. My dad gave me Orion when I turned 18, and we've been together ever since. I lived with my mom at the time and I always remember her saying the classic "no pets in this house"... A few months later, he was her baby, and my brother also adopted Canuto (one of my cats) aka her other baby -of course-.

image (1).png
What is he like? Are there any traits you like the most about him?

He's very smart! You know how they say that the only thing they lack is talking? I think it's us who need to understand them more. He loves to eat and nap during the day (which shouldn't be so difficult to do considering he basically has a bed in every room in the house). He's very strict with his eating schedule and also barks like a seal (like a beagle).


He looks like he has permanent eyeliner around his eyes, and I love seeing his tail from bed or distant places because it looks like a candle moving in the distance.

What is his favorite treat/food?

That's one thing about him: He LOVES food. Above everything else, there's always food (his own and sometimes someone else's), and he likes to eat everything: fruits, vegetables, chicken, meat, broths, cheese... everything. I'd say his favorite is chicken.

Image_20231009_104154_251 (1).jpeg
What is his favorite activity? Does he have any special skills you want to share?

Eating -lol-. He loves to run in open spaces, so I take him to large parks close home.

He has a fluffy toy, it's an octopus called "Pulpi", and he knows exactly where to go when you tell him to bring it, even if he hasn't moved it in days. 

Tell us some anecdotes (funny or special ones) about him.

One day I found him on a dining room chair. Remember how I said he's very smart and LOVES to eat? I think his intelligence is in his stomach. 


Whenever he comes from the park he barks through the window with a Pitbull who lives on the first floor. He looks very confident while doing so, but I wonder if it'd be like that if they met face to face.


His bed is next to mine, and although he sleeps in his, every morning he jumps into my bed and lies next to me. He'd take the whole other side of the bed (literally. He even takes the other pillow).


At home we say that he communicates like an arrow: he always leans in the direction of what he wants (food, bed, going out, a treat).

Share with us a song that makes you think of your pet 🎶

I pick this one


I love him 😍 He's so graceful 😂


Thanks for reading 🙂