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Meeting Our Pets 🐶🐱 #4



Hey folks! 

Welcome to our "Meeting Our Pets 🐶🐱" blog series.

This week it's my turn 😄 I'm happy to present you my Lilo. I hope you enjoy this one, so, let's begin!


How did your pet become a part of your life? Is there a history behind it?

I always wanted a dog, but my mom was firmly against having pets. Well, Lilo is a gift from my father. One of my father’s friends called, because he was looking for a home for three little puppies his own dog had. The thing was this friend was living in a very remote town, yet my father decided to go meet the puppies. He fell immediately in love with Lilo, she was tiny, playful and very energetic. He said adopting her was an easy decision, but returning home was very difficult. During those days, there were several strikes all over Colombia and many many roads were closed. To return home, my dad had to walk for 8 hours in search of transportation. Needless to say, they create a very strong bond due to that experience. At the end my father returned home safe and sound, along with Lilo. 



What is she like? Are there any traits you like the most about her?

She has very expressive eyes and face. She used to be very playful and energetic when she was younger. Now she is almost 8 years old and she’s more calm. She can be a little grumpy, that’s why we’re very attentive in regards to her food schedules. Over all, she loves belly rubs and tons of cuddles. She’s very smart as well.



What is her favorite treat/food?

Well, she loves everything, even the things that aren’t actual food 😅 She loves cookies, and sweet treats. She also loves avocados, but that’s something she shouldn’t eat. To me, she’s a foodie. She loves broths and we tend to make them for her when she’s sick. We think she sometimes fakes that she’s sick so we can cook for her.



What is her favorite activity? Does he have any special skills you want to share?

She really enjoys walking and exploring parks. She’s very curious about the world around her. She also enjoys her food times. She tends to steal my socks and play with them until they are unusable. When she gathers enough socks, I make her a ball so she can continue playing with them. 



Tell us some anecdotes (funny or special ones) about her.

Lilo is a really smart dog. And even though I have tons of funny and special memories about here, my favorite one took place on a Christmas eve. Here in Colombia, we tend to exchange our gifts at midnight on the 24th of December. Our first Christmas with Lilo, we all bought her gifts: bones, balls, treats and more. We decided to leave Lilo last, and we noticed she was getting more and more excited as she saw us opening all those presents. At the end, she was joyful that it was even more special to share her gifts with her. Here’s another special one: Back in 2017, I spent 6 months in Italy. Even though she did not recognize my smell at first when I came back, the moment she heard me talk, she saw me and knew I was her human. She was so excited and happy that it made me cry.



Share with us a song that makes you think of your pet 🎶

This one makes me think about Lilo it was released shortly after we adopted her. 


I have to say, it was quite fun to interview myself for this 😁 

Thanks for reading - until the next fluffy pet 😍