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Meeting Our Pets 🐶🐱 #5


Fauna Celeste🐈

Hey folks!


Welcome to another edition of our "Meeting Our Pets 🐶🐱" blog series.


This time, @OscarDC is going to present us to his beautiful Fauna Celeste. Without further ado, let's meet her!


What's the story behind her name?

Fauna Celeste:
She was just Celeste when I met her, but I added a first name based on Animal Crossing characters (Fauna + Celeste).



How did your pet become a part of your life? Is there a history behind it?

It’s actually funny because I was not looking for a pet. I went to a shelter/cafe to meet a couple of kittens that I was looking for as a birthday present for my girlfriend and for my roomie. Once there, I met Celeste, the kitties’ mom, and I fell in love with her behavior. She's the sweetest girl in the whole world. So we ended up adopting the 2 little girls and I kept the mommy.



What is she like? Are there any traits you like the most about her?

She’s the Queen of my house and the loveliest girl in the whole world! She’s the type of cat that loves to be napping on your legs all day long and follows you everywhere like a puppy. One thing I love about her is the little noises she makes when she wants some attention. It’s a mix between purring and meowing that sounds adorable.



What is her favorite treat/food?

She loves Churu over any other existent threat. When she hears the sound of the package, she starts screaming like crazy. She loves it so much that she sometimes forgets to breathe when she's eating it 🙂



What is her favorite activity? Does he have any special skills you want to share?

Without a doubt, I have to say NAPPING! She’s the queen of laziness. She sleeps like 90% of her day. A special skill she has is the ability to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable places. Since she loves affection, she falls asleep on your knees, on your shoulders, on your feet, wherever, as long as it's with you.





Tell us some anecdotes (funny or special ones) about her.

She’s the perfect cat 99% of the time, but she has a very special affection to “sign” every single part of the apartment (including clothing, beds and walls) and it’s not with her cheeks :c



Share with us a song that makes you think of your pet 🎶

Most of the songs I sing to her are made up of her paws, her little nose or her queen behavior. But almost every reggaeton that has the word “Gata” or “Felina” makes me think about her, like this one:


What do you think about lovely Fauna Celeste? I think I'm in love 😍

Thanks for reading - until the next fluffy pet!