#MusicMonday Review - April 2020

Rock Star 23
Rock Star 23

#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check March's review for more music.


This month's post is very special, as it only features music submitted by the artists themselves. So put your headphones, take a listen, and read on. 🎧


Bryan Chua - Found


So this is how love’s meant to feel
Feel’s like it was made just for me
A love that I found that I thought I’d never deserve
A love I thought only existed in movie screens


BryanChua.jpgComing from London, England, we start with a song that proves that inspiration can come from the purest feeling of them all, and may be preserved through the power of music:


"The song is inspired by stories from my own personal relationship! I'd been trying to write a 3/4 time signature love song for the longest time, and Found came together pretty soon after I'd just gotten into a relationship. So a lot of the song and its lyrics are based on this relationship!"




Foundry13 - Lost in Emotions


Foundry13.jpgMy life is a movie
But I ain’t got the best seat


While still in London, and speaking of emotions, this track reminds us that feeling lost can be inspiring too, and music can help us find a way:


"I would say that the situation the world has found itself in was the ultimate situation that inspired us to write this song. We’ve been wanting to create a song which highlights a moment of true clarity from the speaker, where he is evaluating his past and how his life has turned out so far, trying to understand why his life has not gone to plan. We like to explore issues on mental health as we want people to not feel alone if they are going through something like that. And also to make people smile and relate to what we are creating."




Fusazi - Elevate


Shifting gears, sometimes songs come from a flow, a moment in time, and this track is a great example of it:


"Honestly, I just walked in to my room mates room who happens to my producer. He put on a beat he had made in class and the hook just came randomly and I stucked with it.

So the beat in a way inspired me to go for that sound, I love melodies and being able to work with melody inspires me."




Alarmantiks! - El Momento


Alarmantiks.jpgSe nos va la vida

intentando averiguar

si estuvo bien o estuvo mal


Nos hace tanta falta

que no vemos con claridad

que estabamos tan cerca


We now go to Madrid, Spain for a cool indie rock track that reminds us to not overthink things too much, and keep it in the moment:


"It's a song that talks about getting over frustration and past mistakes.

We got inspired by our own personal experiences, like being near to achieve fame and success, and not being able to reach it."




Camens - Handbrake


Camens.jpgBonus track! We go back to England, to Stoke-on-Trent, for an indie rock hymn about one of the most satisfying times you can have with someone else: just driving and having fun with only a handbrake between us.


"Handbrake is about the car times. When you're old enough to drive but not to drink and you and a girlfriend would spend hours driving around with nowhere to go. Maccies drive through, cigarette stops on a supermarket car park, shuffle on the iPod, just driving and around together because there’s nothing better to do."




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!


The "Taste Breakers" has been a cool generated list in the home tab and I've found some new artists to listen to, but it does say "Start 2019 by broadening your horizons".  May want to update it to 2020.  Keep up the great work!

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