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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - December 2022


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check November's review for more music.


Welcome to the last #MusicMonday of the year! Let's have a recap of the most popular genres of the year with some cool tracks, and a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


Michi Sanz – Hey Siri


michisanz.jpg¿Será que no me quiere?
¿Será que ya no me ama?
¿Estará con sus amigos diciendo que no me extraña?
Que no me quiere pero se engaña,
Por qué todas las madrugadas (El me llama)

Qué raro que tú, diciendo que esto fue mi actitud,
Y no se que tú esperas de mi
De mi parte esto ya se acabó.
We begin with a (not so) upbeat Latin Pop track from Maracay, Venezuela. Can we ask the virtual assistant how to unbreak a heart?

"The theme tells a story of heartbreak in which Siri is the main protagonist and virtual confidante. I went for old Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo sounds. My favorite part of creating this track was being able to flow organically with genres that were new to me."




Rolling Thunder – Sunny's Song




As nice as you look I'm sure you can tell
No one in this room wants to buy what you sell
A face on the board and a staple in time
'Til one off the belt comes and takes all the light

A wink of the eye and a stick of the tongue
Distracts from the fact that you're not having fun
A half empty drink warm and flat in your hand
Allows you to think that it's all gone to plan


Next genre: Indie Rock from Northampton, England, with a tale of the life of those who make a living giving discount codes with a fake smile:


"I started writing the song just as the first lockdown happened, I was up in Nottingham by myself away from the rest of the boys and the only thing I could do was write.


Thematically the biggest inspiration for the song was influencer culture. I was seeing pictures of these love island contestants getting spat out onto club circuits and they all had nothing behind the eyes and looked miserable. A lot of it is about describing the experience and trying to show how quickly you can get it and how quickly it can be taken away."




The Collectors – Don't Be Afraid



Well there's no easy way out
All you do is doubt

All your hopes and dreams away

You need to find a way for a better day

But all you got to do is pay

Now you're on your own and close

To the bone when you

Think about it again


Representing Brit Pop, a band from Stockton-on-Tees, England with a song about understanding there's no one to blame about the life you decide to live. Just don't be afraid:


"It was just one of them days where you worry but you can't really do anything about it but daydream your thoughts away."




Lantern By Sea – Ghost Story


I was never too good at goodbyes
I’d pace the backyard beneath a veil of light
Oh, how was I supposed to move on
With a love not gone away?


On this long road I’ve been so alone
Passing through towns that I’ll never call home
But God I wouldn’t take another path
If my will can last the night


From Provo, UT, this cinematic song takes us on a journey about watching from a distance, in true Indie Folk style:


"Ghost Story was inspired by being stuck in over-romanticized memories, memories of being young and care free, memories of being in love. Constantly revisiting them and never moving on."




Arrester – The Worst People... Having the Time of Their Lives


arrester.jpgWe never miss our rent
Got every seasons clothes
We can't afford to buy a house
Just like everyone we know


Keeping our heads down
Has served us well so far
Never seem to get ahead
But we've got a nice new car


Open my eyes to find a shocking surprise
The worst people having the time of their lives


Finally, let's travel to Toronto, CA to get a taste of Australian Indie with a song that warns about staying in our lanes, and being complacent:


"Just seeing the glee with which the right wing in the US and elsewhere we’re going about their awful business. That and feeling my middle class white guy-ness was part of the problem essentially. The whole album is kind of in that vein."




#MusicMonday 2022


What a way to finish the year! We say goodbye to 2022 with this year's compilation. 99 titles from original artists covering plenty of different genres, all representing the multiple trends independent artists are proud to establish. Have a listen:




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See you next month!