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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - March 2023


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check February's review for more music.


This month's music takes us to a different realm, populated by dreams. Either with sounds, themes, or mysterious lyrics, go ahead, and let it take you away, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


Zap Euphoria – Nottingham Tune



Don't try breaking me down
I'm not here for messing around


I keep trying but end up dying

No more rock and roll, yeah

Like almost all dreams, in this Tunbridge Wells, England based Indie Rock song, lyrics are cryptic, and enigmatic. Just remember that people don't put you down, they only get you used:

"The track came about believe it or not In Nottingham. We were playing guitar over another song, then Erik (bassist) played the intro riff. We paused the music and wrote the song around that.


We wanted to write a tune that a whole field of people could jump around to. The lyrics aren’t about much, but we think that is funny."




Elemantra – No Shadow




The keys are in the car
But no one
Is in the driver’s seat


I wanna be there when the wheels turn
I wanna feel it when we burn


From Buffalo, NY, we get a Dream Pop track that shows us how black and white are the colors of everything in this world:


"As far as the theme of the song and it’s overall message goes, it was mostly inspired by a fairly traumatic event that happened in my family during the summer of 2020.


My older brother was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition, out of the blue. He’s not much older than me, and it was just so shocking and scary for us all. I always viewed him as such a strong and worry-free person. Never thought something like that could happen. So to see him like that and to have something like that happen to him, it got me thinking like, damn bad shit can happen to anyone and for no good reason at all. It’s all just black and white, either something happens or it doesn’t. This all occurred too during the height of the Covid-19 paranoia and fear. So, there was already this spooky and uncertain atmosphere in our lives, which definitely further amplified these feelings. But, on the bright side, this all forced me to find peace in the acceptance of being powerless to the will of the universe.


If you’re aware that you can’t change what is going to happen, you’re free to just go about your life. And this train of thought brought about other concerns, like is this a healthy and sustainable way to go about life? I felt like maybe it was too simplistic. But ultimately, it let me accept and feel comfortable enough to move on. There’s no safety net, there’s no god, but there’s also no invisible malevolent force in the universe out to get you. You can just be you. Things might go your way, things might not."




Night School – Little Human Thoughts


You said we’re okay

And i know we’ll end up with a house



But it’s the idea that it’s not what you want

That makes me so nervous I sob


Moving to the West Coast, in Oakland, CA, we continue with more Dream Pop about those thoughts that make you nervous, because you know the truth hurts:


"It came from a personal experience in a relationship. It’s essentially about fearing that the other person in a relationship is not as committed as you’d like."




The Tullamarines – Said Enough

I’ll put on a brave face

I’ll put on a big smile


I feel like I'm feeling too much

when the lights are down

And I'd say it is nothing

But it feels like it's something


Coming up next, from Adelaide, Australia, an Indie track about the nightmarish internal struggle that happens when you have trouble communicating. Are you hearing me?


"The song is basically about being the quietest person in the room and not knowing what to really do or say."




The Straights – Dead Set Detective




Baby you and I,
We’re like the stars.
Not so much apart,
But yet so far.

Blinded by the light,
But in the dark..
I’m in too deep.


From someone who can't express himself, we end our journey in Portsmouth, England for another dysfunctional example of loneliness, and attraction:


"(Band member) George wanted to write a song that was essentially an anti-love song, so thought it would be interesting to write the lyrics from the perspective of an incel.


Rather than just creating a horror-esque narrative, he wanted to touch upon the psychology of obsessive behaviour among stalkers, almost as though the songs narrator was totally unaware of their behaviour, with an honest perspective.

He had heard about how a-lot of these individuals find themselves in the position where they effectively worship the person of interest, and see themselves as protectors or guardians of some form."




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




Keep dreaming, and see you next month!