Post Of The Week: Help I Can't Install Spotify! (Error Code:17)

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Happy Thursday everyone!

We always say that here in Post Of The Week, and it's sort of a strange thing to say, isn't it 🤔? Happy Thursday. Thursday's just a day of the week. But we say, why not be happy it's Thursday 🎉

Today's post is celebrating being happy about the little things, the small moments, and well just anything that there is to be happy about.


"Get home safely!"
"Have a nice day"
"Can't wait to see you"
"Fancy a cuppa?"

The sun is shining this morning.
Thankfully I remembered my umbrella today!
or... "Happy Thursday!"

These little moments and phrases are happening around us, all the time. One that falls into this category and one we certainly see here all the time, is one that sings.... "I'm here to help!" ⭐

So here we have it, this week's Post Of The Week. Congratulations @ChemicalRageYT


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 14.10.35.png



A friendly Spotify goer has come to the Community with the below issue:

"Spotify couldn't be started. Error Code:17"


Error codes can be confusing, but @ChemicalRageYT jumps in after doing some research and finding this.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.47.02.png



This Community post recommends:
"it can normally be corrected by starting Windows in Safe mode and then installing Spotify."


So, those little moments to celebrate... here's one of them:

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.49.13.png



We agree! Thank you so much @ChemicalRageYT - this is a fab post and worth a free month of Premium.


See you again next week, and don't stop celebrating the little things 😉


Rock Star 2
Rock Star 2

Awesome! Glad that I was able to provide the help they deserved!