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Here in the Spotify Community, Thursdays are a day of tribute. And if you’re eager to learn which of our caring comrades we’ll be placing upon the pedestal of prestige this week, you’re in the right place (and time).


Without further ado, we give you our star in shining glamour, @Maxim!




This week, Maxim blew us away with dazzling tone of voice and great knowledge of some of the more intricate aspects of account management. In the celebrated post we find a user who, in September, will be making the journey from the UK to Brazil.


Putting the quest in question, the user needed to know how their account would fare the relocation, and if, upon joining their family, the account too could join to make one sweet, sweet, Premium for Family subscription.


Handled like a true champ’ of the people, Maxim wrote:


If you cancel your subscription and your account reverts back to Free, you will not lose your playlists but offline music will be removed from your device(s).


Once you're in Brazil, you should be able to change your account's country in the account settings (Make sure you're back on the Free plan before trying to do so).


Let me know if you need help with anything else :)


In tribute to Maxim’s sincerity, the user replied:


That's great. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I'll give it a try once I'm there and I'm sure everything will be alright but, if it isn't, I'll post again in the community.


This is exactly the type of helpful, friendly relationship our Community hopes to cultivate. 


So from all of us here, from our hearts to your ears: thank you, Maxim. We’ve added a month of Premium to your account – enjoy :)




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Congratulations @Maxim! Well deserved :)

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Rock Star 24

 Thanks @Leo and @MichaelW!


No worries, @Maxim. It's was well earned. Keep up the great work :)

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Congrats @Maxim, well done! =)