Post of the Week: playlist

Post of the Week: playlist




Thursday presents: Post of the Week!


This week we’re celebrating the fantastic work of Rising Star @jarredmorley!


Jarred’s post is a great example of the way we strive to engage with fellow Spotify fans. His friendly tone and to the point info quelled this particular query with the speed and confidence of a shooting star.


The user got in touch to say:


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 12.27.46.png
When it comes to unwanted, or unexpected charges, quickness and clarity are crucial; ideally, with one response we can reassure the user or point them in the direction of the best place to have it sorted out, whether that’s our Accounts team, their account overview or the right support article.


Luckily for everyone, @jarredmorley pulled it out the bag, providing the user with a one-stop solution to their issue. He combined an authentically helpful tone with just the right info to have things looking shipshape sharpish:




You can disable Spotify from using Cellular Data on your iOS device. 

If you go to Settings > Mobile > Spotify you will be able to toggle cellular data on and off for this application. 


This will allow spotify to only work when Wifi is connected and will not use Cellular Data at all. Let me know how you go!





From all of us here in the Community, thanks for the awesome work @jarredmorley! You keep these wheels turning. To show our appreciation we’ve added a month of Premium to your account; enjoy 🙂