Post of the week: My account has been hacked

Post of the week: My account has been hacked

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What's up everybody?!


Welcome to Thursday and more importantly, welcome to Post of the Week. Every week we get together and search for the best posts/threads and general warm-heartedness that we, at Spotify, love to see.


This week, we give massive shout out to @MattSuda and his work here.


The TOV is spot on here and his steps to follow are nicely laid out. We know we mention it a lot, but it really does help to get your point across quickly - remember, KISS - Keep It Simply Simple (and other variations) 

"...Sorry to hear about this. I have passed on that website to be investigated.

I suggest you contact support so they can help you get the account back.

This form will allow you to manually enter the details so you will get a reply back to your email and not the hacker's email..."


@MattSuda is a common face around these parts and has helped to shape the Community into what it is today. So, you really can't go wrong if you're looking to climb the ranks of the Community by following in his footsteps.


Congratulations! Have a month on us 😄

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Thanks! 🙂

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Well Done Matt!


Sounds like you guys have been around for a while and can maybe help me. Not sure if I can post this here. It's worth a shot because I'm so frustrated. I pay for Premium every month. My son and I are the only two on there. We can't listen to music at the same time. It switches the music back and forth from the both of us. Even when I'm at work and he's home. Which is approximately 45 miles from me. It's crazy  that I pay for music and can't even listen to it because I give up my music time so my son can listen to his music on Spotify. Sounds like there's a lot of people on here having the same issue! Thanks in advance.

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Hey @sasafras7


Spotify accounts are designed so that each person has their own account. Each Spotify account can only play on one device at a time.


If you are sharing an account, I suggest checking out the family plan so that you can each have your own account and both listen to music at the same time with a discounted price.


The way Spotify Family works is that each person creates their own Spotify account first if they do not already have one. For everyone to create a Spotify account they will need their own email address.

Once everyone has their own Spotify account you then invite them to join your family plan and then they sign in with that account in the app. Make sure everyone enters the same home address when it asks for verification. Then everyone will be able to listen without interrupting the other users.

Check out these pages for help with the Family Plan:

  • Some desperate loser keeps hacking my Spotify with their PlayStation. What can I do? I even got a new phone and they still do it. Probably because I made the mistake of naming my new playlist by it's old name. This is really frustrating. How do I catch this person out and stop them?