Rock Star Program - Name Change!

Rock Star Program - Name Change!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone,


Heads up, we've got an exciting change coming up in the Rock Star program and we’d love to tell you about it.


We recently released our Star program values, and this was a commitment to delivering a more inclusive and welcoming program, with a goal to increase the diversity of our members. 


We’ve had some feedback on the name ‘Rock Stars’ over the years, and keeping this in mind we’re updating the program name to The Spotify Stars and appearing on Twitter as @AskSpotifyStars instead of @AskRockStars. 

If you’d like a reminder of our values, these are:


We act with respect. Towards all Community users, each other, the program, and the company.


No one should feel unseen or unheard. We believe in celebrating each person’s unique talents, interests, and backgrounds.


We're happy to help. We support our fellow Community users, and each other.


We belong to a team. We pride ourselves in being part of something greater, together.


We're not employees. We do this because it's fun, and we love it!


We understand that our words and actions represent Spotify and the Rock Star Program, and we want to set the best example.


As you might have guessed, this is part of a bigger project where we’ll be updating the name of our Rock Star Program around Community too, so stay tuned!



The Community Team