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The Spotify Community Rock Star Program is getting an update. 


Since the launch of the Spotify Community four years ago and the Rock Star Program two years later, we have seen some massive milestones.


Two Rock Star Jams, a hundred Rock Stars, and almost two million registered users later, it's time for the Rock Star Program to get an update. 


As of today our Stars can now:

  • Help folks on Twitter through the handle @AskRockStars
  • Earn points for contributing and redeem them for amazing prizes (we're talking Spotify gear, headphones, speakers).
  • Achieve a new rank: Top Star.

We have an updated Rock Star Program PDF you find it attached below.  


Want to join the Rock Star band? Let us know by filling in this short application form here.


Those interested in helping us on Twitter at @AskRockStars should also take this Twitter survey. Those selected will then receive access to our tool for finding great tweets to help others.


If you're selected to join us a Rising Star then a Moderator, Manager or a Rock Star will be in touch. 



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We're excited to welcome more Rock Stars backstage in 2016!  


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Hey @Alemaya20 If you log out of LSW and back in now, you'll be able to start tweeting. Enjoy!


Como faço para usar o meu Spotify sem estar conectado com o Facebook?

O link que eles colocaram na página de "Ajuda" não me ajudou a resolver !

Not applicable

Hola, quiero saber si pueden ayudarme, resulta que yo acabo de cambiarme al plan familiar y abrí mi banca móvil para checar si me habían realizado el cambio de plan y resulta que tenía dos cobros uno de 149 y otro de 99 con un día de diferencia entonces comencé a checar el historial de meses atrás y resulta que efectivamente cada mes me habían realizado igual dos cargos incluso cuando aún no cambiaba al plan familiar y ya fui al banco pero me comentan que Spotify es quién debe cancelar esa otra cuenta que no es mía.

Ayúdenme por favor no quiero seguir pagando tanto dinero 😥



Tenho dois celulares. Posso usar uma mesma conta premium simultaneamente?


Hola que tan necesito q alguien me ayude con un problema



I have some problem with my Premium Family Plan account. Could you help me to solve it? 

PS: I'm from Brazil, so can I speak in portuguese o just in english? 





Ayuda, tengo plan familiar pero no me deja unir a mis familaires por que no coincide la dirección,  que debo hacer?



Bonjour, j'ai changer de mobile recement et lorsque j'ai telecharger l'application spotify j'ai perdue tout les titres sauvegarder de 2 ans d'abonnement 
Comment pourrais-je faire pour les recuperer sur mon nouveau telephone 






I have the premium invitation code from my brother's account but when I enter it I make a mistake I have been sent 3 times the code and I do not accept it I have to have premium because I am paying.


Help! i enter the spotify gift card code and its says  its a problem , come back later, after a few more times, i wait and now its says the code is unvalid. WHY? why is happening that? the card is new and how to solve it?


Hola intente inresar el pre pago con una tarjeta de regalo sptify, despues de un par de intentos decia que habia ocurrido un error y que regresara ma tarde, asi pasaron un dia despues lo volvi a intentar y ahor dice que el codigo no es valido. Es furstrante no poder hablar con alguien que lo pueda resolver. ¿Como se soluciona esto? gracias.



I had to cancel my previous account with my provider to expand my premium account to family. In the process my provider deleted my account and create a new one directly with you (Spotify). In the process I realized that all my music and playlist are gone. 

Any chance we can merge the two accounts?


Thanks in advanced. 



Hello, i bought yesterday a gift card for 3 month for spotify premium, and it is not work. It is activadet and i bought it my hometown. What should i do? And i from Finnland, so english is little hard for understand. 


Estou com um grande problema em outra conta ela so e logada pelo facebook!

estou logado nela pelo aplicativo no pc so q quando entro em preferencias / ver a conta redireciona para um pagina no navegador e n consigo logar de forma nenhuma na conta gostaria de uma atenção da spotify por favor a minha conta e premium.


My music keeps pausing, how do I fix this?

Casual Listener
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Casual Listener

How can I subscribe to the program, I share the usage of spotify often and I also create a playlist everymonth for the community.


SO I was wanting to apply for the Rockstar Program bu the Google Forms page is no longer available. Is there a new form that can be sent to me?