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by Community Manager on ‎2013-11-06 04:18 PM - last edited on ‎2016-04-13 09:13 AM by Community Manager (99,965 Views)

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Hello Spotify lovers!

Have you ever shown a friend how to sync a playlist? Ever explained how Spotify works to a group of people? At Spotify, we know users helping users is something special.


That’s why we’ve created the Spotify Rock Star Program to recognize awesome contributors. You can earn points in the Rock Star Program by:


  • Answering questions here in the Spotify Community.
  • Answering questions via our @AskRockStars Twitter channel.
  • Writing Blog/ Knowledge Base articles
  • Participating in the Music Room
  • And much more

By helping out you can then earn points to redeem for prizes, such as:


  • Premium codes.
  • Spotify gear. 
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Curated Playlists
  • Beta groups
  • And more

Want to join the Rock Star band? Let us know by filling in this short application form here.


Those interested in helping us on Twitter at @AskRockStars should also take this Twitter survey. Those selected will then receive access to our tool for finding great tweets to help others.



The Spotify Community Team

by JCristole
on ‎2013-11-07 05:48 PM
I Share SpOtify And Explain It Often. LoveIt!
on ‎2013-11-07 09:00 PM

Very pleased and proud to be part of the rock star team :D 



on ‎2013-11-07 10:44 PM
This rocks...
on ‎2013-11-07 11:28 PM

Awesome! I like to develop programs/apps with your API, will that count for anything? :)

on ‎2013-11-08 12:49 AM

i'm so glad to be apart of Spotify :D i enjoy Helping people :)

by Rising Star osornios
on ‎2013-11-08 06:09 AM

Great program. I'm an Spotify superuser, and embassador with my friends, even if I don't post that much here.

by Community Manager
on ‎2013-11-08 10:36 AM

@Christoffer Absolutely! Here's some tips and tricks for contributing to our community. 

by schtevey
on ‎2013-11-08 11:05 AM

I'm a huge fan of the servce and have been premium for a long time too.  I advocate it to all of my friends and love this step you have taken.

by ktinamk188
on ‎2013-11-08 04:09 PM
This is great. I'm constantly telling people that Spotify is the best $10 I spend a month!!
by katsumii
on ‎2013-11-11 10:00 AM

ktinamk188 wrote:
This is great. I'm constantly telling people that Spotify is the best $10 I spend a month!!

Haha, yes. I relate. My teacher listens to her iTunes radio, but it is ridden with ads now. I told her about Spotify, and I pay for "no ads," plus an unilimited access to music. It's so much better than any iTunes or online radio that I know. I hesitated to tell her how much I pay: $5/month (I'm a poor college student, that's a LOT for me! Haha). She said, "that's all?!" She knew Spotify when it was still only in the UK. Well, it's change a lot since then - and for the better. 


I enjoy telling people that it's only $5/month for unlimited access with ZERO ADVERTISEMENTS, and I listen to music via Spotify at work, school and home. Of course, it's $10/month for the extra-extra features, like carrying Spotify with you on an MP3 player, etc. But I am very happy with $5/month for the service I use! And always new music added!!


Anyway, I'll stop rambling. :)  Thanks for the great service, Spotify team!! I am speaking, of course, of the software AND the friendly and helpful community!



by kerbilee
on ‎2013-11-12 07:13 PM

How do this program work?

by Top Star
on ‎2013-11-12 07:26 PM

kerbilee wrote:

How do this program work?

Just check out the attached PDF file in the first post - there should be all info in it that you need. ;)

‎2013-11-12 09:36 PM - edited ‎2013-11-12 09:37 PM

I love Spotify.


If you ask How will I know that Spotify Rock Star program works...



Yeah, I can tell you... I have my home full of stuff with Spotify content :) Like Spotify bags, t-shirts, usb-sticks, sunglasses, umbrellas...


Even my grandma have Spotify bag and she's happy about it ;)

on ‎2013-11-12 11:28 PM

Has anyone else noticed that @hpguru 's album covers all feature pretty girls?

on ‎2013-11-13 09:30 AM

jwylot wrote:

Has anyone else noticed that @hpguru 's album covers all feature pretty girls?

Hopefully yes.


I listen underground music with cool covers.


There pretty girls are models and record label is DJ Beat Records :))


by kharma_bum
on ‎2013-11-21 03:40 PM

I love, love, love Spotify!! I am an IT Software Administrator which enables me the abitlity to stream Spotify all day, every day. Yay! I am constantly sharing music on Social Media. As a result, I am sure many new Spotify users have been created. I will do absolutely anything to help Spotify move forward in a positive direction. You can count on me!

on ‎2013-11-21 10:23 PM

@kharma_bum - Look forward to seeing you around the community! :) 

by ascending1
on ‎2013-11-22 11:58 AM

I love Spotify! I'm a high traffic Lifestyle Blogger, and #TheOfficialTwitterPartyDJ on Twitter, I have an organic following that follow my updates about Music, Audio Products and Audio Accessories, oddly enough I reached out to you on Facebook today and then found out about the Rock Star Program on your page, I'm constantly talking Spotify both virtually and IRL life and would love to find ways to partner, perhaps an opportunity for a deeper partnership exists aside from the Rock Star Program? I'd be happy to send over a full Media Kit. I have hosted a Twitter Takeover for the Oprah Winfrey @OWNers Television Network, and would love to host one for you guys next!


@Tracy_Iglesias aka "The Official #TwitterPartyDJ" on Twitter (my online home!)

by sydneykaraoke
on ‎2013-11-25 02:03 AM

Stumbled upon your service the other day when a customer asked if our system could attach to their phone to play their music.


Customer then married spotify with their karaoke night and apparently the night went off like a firecracker.


Will be happy to spread the word.


Good service you provide.


Cheers, Paul, CEO Karaoke Party Hire, Sydney 

by blakepleasant
on ‎2013-11-26 09:11 AM

This was made for me.  I swear haha I am addicted to Spotify.


My profile to check out: pleasantblake

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