September 22, 2017 : new indie albums worth a listen

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September 2017 - New Indie Releases


New Music Friday : September 22, 2017


Music for the Age of Miracles Hiss Spun
Origin : London, England Origin : Roseville, California, USA
Genre : Indie Pop Genre : Doom Metal, Experimental, Fok Goth
==> Eighth brilliant studio album by the British band formed in 1991 by Alasdair MacLean (vocals, guitar) and Mark Keen (drums) after they began collaborating musically while still in school. ==> Fifth studio album by Chelsea Joy Wolfe, American singer-songwriter, musician. This release by the label Sargent House, features guitar contributions by Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age).
ununiform Wonderful Wonderful
Origin : Bristol, Engand Origin : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Genre : Trip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop Genre : Alternative Rock

==> Thirteenth studio album by the British record producer, vocalist, and musician, active since 1985 (The Wild Bunch, Massive Attack) and as solo artist since 1995.

==> Fifth studio album by the American band formed in 2001. Released by Island Records, It's their first studio album in five years, since Battle Born (2012).
Haiku From Zero V
Origin : Melbourne, Australia Origin : Southend-on-Sea, England
Genre : Synthpop, Indietronica Genre : Indie Rock, Shoegazing
==> Fifth studio album by the Australian band formed in 2001 by DJ Dan Whitford (vocals, keyboards and guitar). Initially a home-recording project, the band now includes Tim Hoey (guitars), Ben Browning (bass guitar) and Mitchell Scott (drums). ==> Fifth studio album by the British band formed in 2005 by lead vocalist Faris Badwan. A full UK tour has been announced for October in support of the new album.
BATS Forgetting the Future
Origin : Brisbane, Australia Origin : Melbourne, Australia
Genre : Indie Pop, Dream Pop Genre : Indie Rock
==> Second studio album by the Australian band Originally formed by singer-songwriter Tim Nelson in 2010 as a backing band for his solo songs (Tim Nelson & The Cub Scouts). ==> Brilliant fifth studio album by the Australian Band formed in 2004 and consisting of lead vocalist, guitarist Declan Melia, guitarist Nic Wilson, bassist Will Drummond and drummer Matt O'Gorman.
The Amulet Luciferian Towers
Origin : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Origin : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Post Rock, Experimental Rock

==> Sixth studio album by the American band released through Hopeless Records. Formed in 2004, the band, led by Anthony Green, consists of former members from Saosin, This Day Forward, and Taken.

==> Sixth studio album by the Canadian band acive from 1994 to 2003 and reformed in 2013. The band has gained a dedicated cult following and remains very influential in the post-rock genre.

Ahh, nice choices. I've already got The Horrors, Chelsea Wolfe, and Godspeed's records on Queue today before tackling Release Radar.


Also, check out the new releases from Moses Sumney and Omni. Sumney's is utterly mesmerising and the latter is just damn good LoFi, glitchy postpunk/indie from the brainchildren of Deerhunter.





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Uffff.... British India...Love it!!!


The Clientele pretty good album listen twice.

Cut Copy not really my thing but like it....

The Killeres I'm big fan but this album....mmmmm I'm going to listen again but didn't find nothing the first time (The man is the only one but that was the first single)

For the rest need more time.... 




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I'll be seeing British India for the third time soon ^_^ Great list again.


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Hi  All spotifyers, I will be uninstalling this app as you cant use your playlist as ringtones, not even in premium. Why pay for something like this when i can get plenty free apps that can do this. Waste of money. Spotify must be making a FORTUNE!!!


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Dear @user-removed,


Thanks for reaching out, Spotify operates on very little if any profit, it's an application that is about the user experience and artistic control. That's a great idea and you should submit the idea here:

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Hi @Salte,


Sorry to hear you've been overcharged. The quickest way to contact spotify about refunds directly is via this link.


If you let them know as much as you can about your problem, they can have a look on their end and sort this out ASAP. I'm sure they will be helpful, whether you choose to stay with Spotify or not.


Let me know if you need help with anything else!

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Happy to be Beta testing, and all working smoothly. Do I need to maintain my Spotify Premium subscription to be a Beta Tester?