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Spotify Stars Program - Twitter Stars!

Spotify Stars Program - Twitter Stars!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey folks,

December is here, and we keep finding ourselves having that repeat conversation “where has the time gone?” It’s flown by, but we have so much to be thankful for.

As the year starts to close in on us, the nights here get darker and the Stars shine brighter. We wanted to take the time today to shout out a small, but essential team here in our Community Spotify Stars Program. Our Twitter team! 


The @AskSpotifyStars Twitter handle has been around since 2015, and even before it became an official handle a handful of passionate Stars used to help from their personal accounts.

This small but mighty team now consists of @Hubo , @Luan , @Robert_W , @Billy-J  & @Jose_M ! That means users reaching out to @AskSpotifyStars with a question are helped by one of these heroes. They can tackle almost any Spotify questions that come their way.


The most amazing thing about our Stars is that they do this in their own time, and help purely out of the kindness of their hearts. They love looking out for their fellow Spotify fans, and if that’s not something worth celebrating then we don’t know what is!


To give you some context, just this year, our Stars have handled a huge amount of tweets!


All five Stars have been in the program from 2-4 years, and they’ve really proven themselves to be experts. As well as helping on Twitter they also lend a hand in the Community; they write blogs, author content to go from the handle all while juggling things outside of Spotify and the program like studying, working, and even taking on some amazing volunteering projects between them!


We think you’ll agree that this is a pretty awesome team, and with that we’ll just end by saying thank you!



Remember, if you’re interested in finding out about any aspect of the Star Program, head over here to find out more!