Spotify + Waze Partnership

Spotify + Waze Partnership


No car journey is complete without music.


That’s why we’ve partnered with Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, to make sure your music and navigation can live in harmony.


Today, for the first time, Spotify users on Android* can get Waze started from the Spotify app after having selected music to play (see image below).

waze 2.pngwaze 3.png


This exciting integration lets Waze users enjoy a more lean back approach to music in the car. Passengers in the car can:


  • Stay in Waze and control a subset of Spotify directly from the Waze app
  • Select recently played content and recommendations from Spotify directly inside the Waze app
  • Seamlessly switch between the Waze and Spotify apps with a single button
  • Continue to follow your Waze directions within Spotify


You can try out the integration by installing both Spotify and Waze to your device. 


So get ready to rock the road with Spotify + Waze. Find the best directions and playlists for your drive all on the same screen. We’ve got a Spotify playlist to kick start your journey:



*Keep an eye here for updates on when this will be available for iOS users.


Note: Please drive safely and always obey traffic laws. Avoid reading or typing on the screen while your vehicle is in motion.