Spotify beta 1.0.13 for Linux released

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We skipped the 1.0.12 release for Linux, but 1.0.13 is now out. It contains the following Linux-specific fixes (in addition to all the other platform-neutral changes in 1.0.12 and 1.0.13):


  • Support for DBus metadata queries (more information below)
  • Add missing key handling commands for shuffle/repeat (ctrl+s and ctrl+r, respectively)
  • Fix zoom key commands (ctrl++ and ctrl+= both zoom in, ctrl+- zooms out, ctrl+0 now resets)
  • Fix "Untitled window" shown in main window when Spotify first launched
  • Update to CEF 3.2357.1287 (see below for more information)

With DBus, we now support asking Spotify for the currently playing track and its associated metadata. However, there are some slight differences between the 0.9.x client and the 1.x client, which are as follows:


  • The application identifier is, not com.spotify.qt
  • The album artist field (xesam:albumArtist) is now respected and filled in if available
  • The xesam:url property is now a proper URL (it was previously a Spotify URI)
  • We no longer support the xesam:contentCreated field, sorry!
  • The client does not yet send the PropertiesChanged signal to alert other applications that playback state has changed. This should be fixed in the next version.

Regarding the CEF update (which is actually common to all platforms), this should fix GPU acceleration settings on some machines. If you're having trouble with GPU rendering, check out the comments in the 1.0.11 thread for some suggestions for possible solutions. Again, GPU acceleration settings are *very* machine/driver independent on Linux, so you might hunt around a bit for the right combination of Chromium flags. We're working to improve this.


Edit: We have just released a patch update, This resolves the missing "Add to queue" option.


See this thread for latest news:


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Hey @Imogen_Waves,


Sorry to hear this. Our Support team via the Contact form, or SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter can help you out with that. Reach out to them, and they'll take a look!






Hey, when are the Linux version getting the zoom feature? The fonts are so small I can hardly read.


This was annonced about 5 years ago:

(...) but the good news is that the Linux client will soon have the "zoom" feature present in Mac/Windows along with the necessary key bindings, and this setting will be persisted between sessions. Users with hi-res displays will be able to use this feature to scale the client to an appropriate resolution. This fix will be rolled out in the near future.