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I recently stumbled upon the This is playlists on Spotify while being on my eternal search for new music and artists to add to my collection. I use different ways of finding new music because there’s always more, you just haven’t found it out yet. This kind of playlist turned out to have a lot to offer me.     


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My first encounter was with the This is playlist dedicated to Norwegian duo Bel Canto. I discovered the band in the summer of 2006 while looking up the tag “dream pop” on AllMusic in search of bands similar to my favorite by the time Hooverphonic. After trying them out they’ve been a beloved band for me since then. It's enough to simply type an artist's name in the app search and the associated This is playlist comes up with the top results.   


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The essential tracks, all in one playlist. You’ll see this description on each of the This is playlists. Going through the essential tracks of an artist isn’t only giving historical insight over their work, but also outlines the trajectory of their genre development. We can probably say this is a focused sample of their discography, giving us an overview of the creative path the artist walked on.   





It’s also a great way to get acquainted with an artist you want to check out for the first time. Once you've had your fill listening to your already favorite artists you start looking for new ones and browse their albums, I know the feeling. 


Of course, the This is also offers a great solution for when you’re hosting a home party for your friends or relatives.  

I found myself personally impressed by the feature and wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. Mentioning just a few words about how useful it could be in my everyday life, I definitely recommend trying it. So, let me know! Which are your favorite This is playlists? What do you like the most about this Spotify feature?



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Rock Star 7

While I hadn’t listened to “This Is” playlists for a while, I think my favorite one is probably currently the “This Is” playlist for the Russian psychedelic/stoner rock band The Re-Stoned:


As far as I know, this “This Is” playlist contains the highest number of songs that I’ve saved to my library out of any “This Is” playlist that I’ve checked out yet, so I’m guessing that it’s my favorite one. I’ve been listening to it today after reading your Community Blog post and already discovered some tracks that I hadn’t listened to before, but that I have now added to my library. Thanks for reminding me about this Spotify feature!


I think what I like the most about the “This Is” playlists in general is that they represent a good selection of albums by the artist, from which selected tracks are interspersed within the playlist; I think that having tracks from several different albums mixed within one playlist can allow listeners to discover songs that they haven’t already checked out and may enjoy hearing.



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Thanks to this post I discovered the "this is" and I like very much the idea...
It could be great if it was also applied to every spotify artist -even the less well known ones: based on the music that THEY listen to, not only the albums that they produced... anyhow thanks a lot again!

(btw, I sent you a private message)
Cheers, Manu 

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Btw, I tweeted about your post to my +34k twitter followers here: 
Cheers, Manu


When checking out an artist you've never heard before the "This Is" playlists are great. All their best songs in one place. 


I have a site called VibesXclusive  it doesn't shows Spotify players when using just links unless I use the embed good. 


Can’t access my albums 

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Ooo adding some of these - here’s another nice one 🙂


Spotify is the #1 fo sure! Got our artist "This is" recently hard work pay. giving out tips