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Steps by Stars: Improving your Spotify 'Taste Profile'

You probably already asked yourself how Spotify knows so well what kind of music you like. The answer is 'Taste Profile' and this is the key to your Made For You playlists or the Blend. That is because Spotify is always working backstage analyzing the songs you most listen to, your favorite artists, and the genres which are with you every day.
Sometimes, however, you might be listening to some specific music for a specific activity - like white noises for sleep (have you already tried?) - and you wouldn't like to have these kinds of things on your recommended playlists, or worst, on your annual Spotify Wrapped, right? With this in mind - and of course, following your suggestions - Spotify has introduced a brand new feature that will help you on helping Spotify to better understand what you want to impact on your Taste Profile.


Starting today, on the Web Player or after updating your Spotify app to the latest version - on iOS, Android, and desktop - you should have a new button with superpowers available there. I'm going to show you how you can use it. It's very simple, l promise:

  1.  Select the playlist you want to be out of your Taste Profile

  2.  Now, tap the three dots button on the top of this playlist

  3.  Select "Exclude from your Taste Profile".


Then, all set! This playlist will not influence your recommendations anymore, so you'll be free to listen to your white noises without worrying about your Wrapped at the end of the year. Ohh, and if you change your mind, you can easily revert the action by just following the same steps above. Easy-peasy, isn't it?


Find more information about 'this or that' right here on Spotify Support. And don't forget, my friend, always you need help, a Spotify Star is here in the community ready to lend you a hand.


Don't worry, we'll be back soon for more Steps by Stars. See you there!


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