The Community Chart #3: Summer Vol.2 - Winning songs

The Community Chart #3: Summer Vol.2 - Winning songs


Hey everyone and happy September!


The temperatures might be less scorching but the hits we've chosen for this edition of the Community charts are fire 🔥


I'm happy to say that both winning songs were suggested by our lovely Spotify Stars.


The winner in the pop selection was suggested by @MateusM and is none other than: 


Thanks Mateus for submitting this awesome track to the list, it was an all round favorite. 


*And a special nod to @Noah 'cause I know he'd be happy to hear that a Marshmello song is in the leading spot. Do we have any other big fans reading? Leave us a comment 😍


As for the rock section we have @Hubo's choice which is none other than Måneskin with: 


Pretty sure that if you've been on the internet in the last couple of months you would've heard the song or least seen some news article about the Italian band. They are taking the world by storm and we love it. 


This is the place to shout out all my fellow Eurovision fans! 🎊 Rock on folks!


Lastly, I'd like to thank @yetitears who suggested a hit rock song from ''Hero the band'' and although a lesser known band it was a first runner up for the top spot. Give the track a listen here:


That's all from me folks, till the next Chart!


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