The Tip-Off: WWWater

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Cosmic synths x FKA twigs - Aquaphobia = WWWater


Ever had a dream you’re surfing through stars on a tidal wave? It crashes, and the next thing you know you’re sinking through a galactic, underwater universe.


Fun dream, huh? You could wake up, or head in for another dip with La Falaise by WWWater.


Warning: Strong Current!


Charlotte Adigéry, otherwise known as WWWater, caught my eye (or ear?) a couple of months ago during a Spotify Radio session. I was on the hunt for some warm, minimal-electro beats, and this album had the perfect tide.


My top song lives up to the artist's stage name. Literally.




"WWWater" is the second track and it's a real momentum builder. Pulsing synths carry you through, tiring you out just in time for the warm waves of "Pink Letters” - the albums chill out zone.




This album has a real FKA twigs vibe. It's packed full of synths, and playfully pin-balls around with angelic vocals and poetry. Be prepared to swim in a few directions.


The opener, “Presence", gets a little spooky. With a similar style to Lykke Li’s "Melodies and Desires", it sounds like you're being read meditation instructions by a cool alien.




She’s floating around Europe at the moment, so catch her in action if you can. You can head over to La Bellevilloise, Paris for the 20th of January, or make your way to Beursschouwburg, Brussels on the 3rd of Feb.


Be sure to take your life jacket.


  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 8,737
  • Hometown: Ghent, Belgium
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Midnight Swim
  • 3 Related Artists: FKA twigs, Lykke Li, Bat For Lashes

Nice debut Tip-Off, @Sarah_Rose!


This has vibes of Carla Del Forno, really into it. 


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Why the **bleep** don't they just play the stinking device you are controlling it from?

Why do I have to fiddle around with a stiking device menu?

Screw spotify connect.

I dont give a rats **bleep** about music following me, when I start the darn music I want it to play where I hit play.

I don't want to have to log in and out every darn time,

I might as well just buy a stinking mp3 player.

Casual Listener

Her music is super vibey! It gives me the feeling that I'm soaring through the air feeling every dip and rise of my flight. Very mesmerizing and controlling to the thought, from tracks like WWWater to My Hands. A huge step forward for her and a great start to a great day!


Nice work, enjoyed the atmosphere! ❤️ Thank you for sharing and all the best to the artist!


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