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Top Community Rock Stars visit the Stockholm office





This August nine of our Community Rock Stars visited the Stockholm office for the second annual Rock Star Jam.


DSC_1917.jpgThese Rock Stars help answer questions posted by other Spotify users, gather feedback for Spotify in the Idea Exchange, report issues in Beta boards, and discuss music with fellow Spotify fans. The attendees of Rock Star Jam 2015 alone have answered over 70,000 posts in the Community. 


The nine Rock Stars, from seven different countries spent time touring Spotify's Stockholm headquarters and having talks with Spotify teams to both hear about the future of Spotify and ask questions.


In addition to meeting with the Label Relations, Licensing, User Research, Customer Support, Running and iOS teams, the Rock Stars spoke with CEO Daniel Ek and CTO Oskar Stål. 


"It was an amazing experience to meet important people of Spotify like Daniel Ek and have the chance to ask them all our questions," said Marco Hülf (@Marco) of Germany.


Rock Star Alejandro Oviedo (@OviiiOne) from Spain said his favorite part was learning more about Customer Support across the company.


“Rock Star Jam was awesome. It was interesting to see how Spotify manages the feedback and ideas they collect from the Community,” said Alejandro. “It was great to meet fellow Community members face-to-face.”


"The coolest part of the Jam is meeting Rock Stars and Spotify folks you've been talking to for a very long time, but have never met in person," agreed Jordi Kroon (@Jordi) of The Netherlands. 


"My highlight was meeting the other Rock Stars," said Texas-native Matt Suda (@MattSuda). "We chat online, but connecting with each other in the same room is what makes the Jam awesome. The vibe in the office was amazing and I had a smile on my face the whole time."DSC_1745.jpg


Other Rock Star Jam attendees included Fred Johansson (@Fred)  from Sweden, Gerard Duchamp (@Soundofus) from France, Peter Doggart (@Peter__) from the United Kingdom, and Kyle Brooks  (@kbrooksc) and Blake Durham (@blake) from the USA. 


The Community Rock Star Program was launched in November 2013 and now has over 85 members. 


Seven Rock Stars attended last year’s Rock Star Jam with three attendees returning this year. Each year the group is selected by seeing which Rock Stars contributed the most to the program and Community over the past 12 months.