[Tutorial] Finding Friends - All Methods!

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With the Spotify social system, it is amazingly easy to share content with your friends which is great! But sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find and follow your friends in the first place especially if you or your friend is not connected to Facebook. This tutorial serves as a quick "How-To" find and follow your friends in Spotify! 



1. Both you and your friend are connected to Facebook (and are friends on Facebook!)

2. You or your friend is connected to Facebook, or you are not Facebook friends.



Both you and your friend are connected to Facebook (and are friends on Facebook!)


Sending tracks to friends

This makes finding, following and sharing with your friends really really easy! 

If you want to share a track, album, artist or playlist with a Facebook friend just right click on the item and select "Share...".


Community-Desktop Share.jpg



Once you get the share dialogue, press "Send to Friend" (or you can post to a feed if you like!!) and then start typing your friends name in the first box. You should get him or her offered as a suggestion below, click on that to complete the box! Add an optional message and then click SEND!


Community-Desktop Share 2.jpg



Job done! That track will then appear in your friends inbox! 


Finding friends to follow

This is also amazingly easy! Find friends at the bottom of the Friend Feed on the right-hand side. To do so, click FIND FRIENDS, then find your Facebook-connected friends:


Community-Desktop Share 3.jpg


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 09.49.15.png 



Or you can find them directly by typing their name into the main Spotify search box and their profile will be offered as a search suggestion under the heading PROFILES:


Community-Desktop Share 4.jpg


Once you get to your friend’s profile, it is just a matter of clicking the FOLLOW button and then his or her activity will show up in your Friend Feed (on the right of the client).


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.02.30.png




You or your friend is not connected to Facebook, or you are not Facebook friends.


If this is the case, you need to find and follow your friend before you can share tracks to his or her inbox which can be one of the most tricky parts of the Spotify social system. However, don't worry once you get it set up you are sorted!


Very useful tip: Your Spotify username is shown on your online account. Spotify usernames are different from Facebook usernames! You also can't search using email addresses (due to privacy!)


Method 1 - Works best if your friend has a dedicated Spotify username

If your friend has a dedicated Spotify username, then finding them is relatively straightforward in the desktop client! You need to carry out a Spotify URI search with the username, put simply you need to type:


into the main Spotify search box, with USERNAME replaced with your friends username and hit enter! That will load your friend’s Spotify profile in the client, from which you need to press the FOLLOW button:


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.02.30.png



Once you are following your friend, you can share tracks with them exactly the same way as above in the Facebook friend section. If your friends account is connected to Facebook and yours isn't you should still be able to use their real name in the sharing dialogue! 


This method works no matter what way a Spotify account was created. If your friend created their account using Facebook, they will have a username (shown on their online account) which is a number, if you put that number in place of USERNAME it will still work. 



Method 2 - Works best if you have a Spotify username


If you have a Spotify username, then get your friend to find you using the steps in Method 1, and ask them to send you a playlist or a track. From your inbox, you can then locate and follow their Spotify profile. Just click on their name in your inbox!


Community-Desktop Share 5.jpg



Method 3 - Finding friends without Spotify searching


The final method involves another communication channel outside of Spotify. If username searching is a little to much hassle, just get your friend to send you a link to one of their playlists outside of Spotify, via email or Facebook chat (or whatever!). Getting a link to a playlist is simple, just right click on the name of the playlist, and select either "Copy Playlist Link" or "Copy Spotify URI" (both point to the same thing!):


Community-Desktop Share 6.jpg



Note: It has to be a link to one of their own playlists (one they have created themselves!), not one that they follow!


Once you get the playlist, open the link, it should open the playlist in Spotify. Once that is done, all you need to do is click on your friends name at the top of the playlist (since they are the author) and it will load their profile and from there you can follow them! 


Community-Desktop Share 7.jpg


Once you are following them, you can share using the same method as in the Facebook friends section above! 


Fot me the best method is just write down this into search box



A real deterrent these methods are. You're instructions for finding friends are virtually useless for people who choose not to use face book. Here's a thought. How about a wall, with all shared song, from every user -- streaming constant:))

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Has spotify replied to any of these comments or suggested any solutions?

It seems like a lot of people are asking for the same thing. I've been paying my subscription pretty much since Spotify started and am starting to get annoyed with this difficulty to add friends. I've always used the spotify:user: trick to add friends and it's not working any more. It's really frustrating, they should be encouraging people to connect and share music.


Thanks for the help, but I'm totally agreed with the others. The process for people adding friends without Facebook is unnecessarily lame. This is 2014 and I'm paying for a service to a social music site where I can't find my friends easily. Not good enough. 


After my friend sent me screenshots of his spotify profile page (which contained his name-which apparently I can't search for) In the end I had to message my friend with the login page. He sent a screenshot of that, which contains an abstract number. "spotify:user:<abstract number> worked. What a pain in the ass. Where do I go to complain/suggest improvement?


I found it. Vote/complain here if you want this feature - it's currently "under consideration"




Finding friends resolved;

-sign into spotify community. 

-directly type name of user into search bar.

-type user if you have no name. 

-scroll down to all users.

-recline back and to the left, while picking your teeth w/your tongue.

-click on the prettiest girl you find and follow her.

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 I FINALLY WAS ABLE TO FIND MY FRIENDS, What everybody is missing aparently is the ( : ) at the end of the  name, so it goes like this

with the ( : ) at the end of the user name.

How has Spotify managed to make something that should be simple and intuitive so a massively overcomplicated process? Surely somebody is working on making this better. How do I talk to the right person about making this better? So annoying.
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Even after you find your friend who doesn't own a facebook account, you can't send him music through the app. You have to text the music to there cellular device and they then have to use a link. This needs to be fixed. I have mad a fuss about this error before. 


How do I connect with someone who is following my playlist? It does not show this profile, only that a person is following.



+1 to sunflowerbadger's comment. How can something so simple be made so absurdly complex. It still fails most of the time even though I know the "methods" now. There's too many ways to get it wrong. Example, I tried to find users with known usernames in the searfch box in "follow". Well that won't work because this only does a local search in the users already popping up. In my case, none pop up since I don't sign up using Facebook.


My conclusion: Sportify wants to "nudge" (= force with an iron fist) users to log in through Facebook. Everything else will make you wince and scream. I'm a premium subscriber and for now I am still putting up with this but I can't tell for how long. Well, I can: until the point when someone comes up with a service like Spotify that doesn't ignore its users' experience.


Hi my friend and I anre trying to find each other on spotify but it isnt working.:( We dont have facebook. Plz help Thx


But not everyone uses facebook:(!!!


It is quite clear the Spotify and Facebook have a revenue sharing agreement which is why they haven't and won't make it simple to find/share with other Spotify users unless you also link into Facebook.  Totally pathetic, but also painfully obvious what is going on as an elementary school kid could make the sharing of music with other users easier.  They are actually going out of there way not to make it easy so you or your friends sign up for Facebook and then they get a kickback and vs versa.  

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How do I find friends on the Spotify app?

Hello. I have a premium account and log in via facebook. however, when i try to add facebook friends...they do not add to my followers list. Also, my facebook friends cannot find my username. please help


We are now in 2016 and this issue is still unsolved. When I search for my facebook friends, search returns 0 friends found (which is obviously untrue).



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Very frustrating.  Just wanted to share a new playlist with a new friend.  Found them via username search, clicked follow.  Then clicked on share playlist, send to...  Type in anything, nothing comes up.. Spotify, please help. this has never worked.  No I'm not connected to facebook.


I can find and follw my friend, but cannot add them in the share dialogue box/window in order to share tracks.


Clearly 'follow' and 'friend' are NOT the same.



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Any update on this Spotify?